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Some jackass from an Alt-Right site at just tried to follow me. I really don't get the motivation...must be for the "lulz".

Interestingly, the domain was registered via Epik which is a registrar managed by white nationalist scumbag, Rob Monster.

To every website that says "please disable your adblock"

Fuck no,
- Jae

I'm hiring two Principal Security Researchers to join my Applied Research Team at Veracode. One focused on application static analysis and auto-remediation, one focused on dynamic analysis of web apps and web APIs.

My team is fully remote always (we have team members in EU, UK, US so far), great support for education (including attending conferences), pursuing your own projects, flexible scheduling, etc.

Boosts appreciated!

More info:

Good news guys! Twitter could be looking to launch THE FIRST EVER decentralized social network. It's about time someone did this...

Geolocation for nftables

This article will examine the concept of geo filtering and how it could add a valuable layer of security to your firewall, and will then explore how the Geolocation for nftables project is leveraging Open Source to provide intuitive, customizable geo filtering on Linux.

~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~

Cloudlist is a multi-cloud tool for getting Assets (Hostnames, IP Addresses) from Cloud Providers. This is intended to be used by the blue team to augment Attack Surface Management efforts by maintaining a centralized list of assets across multiple clouds with very little configuration efforts.

Mitigating Web Shells

This repository houses a number of tools and signatures to help defend networks against web shell malware. More information about web shells and the analytics used by the tools here is available in NSA and ASD web shell mitigation guidance Detect and Prevent Web Shell Malware.

I have been looking into NixOS for a future project of mine. Some of its features that I find intriguing are:

- Atomic upgrades
- Rollback for any changes
- DevOps-friendly

Check your Chrome security

Every Google Chrome user should click this button now | ZDNet

Whether you're using Google Chrome on a Windows system or on a Mac, you should go find and click this button now.

The Best Chrome Extensions for OSINT Professionals, Researchers and Journalists in 2021–i-intelligence

An index of Chrome extensions to support research, intelligence and investigations.

Hope nobody is still using this

Google has forcibly uninstalled the immensely popular 'The Great Suspender' extension from Google Chrome and classified it as malware.

Streaming 70s music wirelessly from my ultra portable personal computer to my stereo, while typing this short message on a network made of hundreds of servers spread globally.

We live in the future.

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