Good high-level overview of DNS Hijacking

Learn about DNS Hijacking, different types of DNS Hijacking attacks, and ways to identify and protect yourself from this threat.

~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~

rsp is a SSH client which implements SOCKS5 proxy feature of SSH protocol. Key feature of this implementation is use of multiple connections to overcome downsides of multiplexing many tunneled TCP connections in single SSH session.

~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~

Cangibrina is a multi platform tool which aims to obtain the admin Dashboard of sites using brute-force over wordlist, google, nmap, and robots.txt

Nice, I guess, for those people who can't do these things for themselves.

The CyberWar Map is a visual guide to some of the most prominent players and events in state-to-state cyberconflict created as a part of the National Security Archive's Cyber Vault Project. This resource focuses on state-sponsored hacking and cyber-attacks.

Clicking on map elements will produce links and descriptions for documents relevant to each subject. Elements, connections, and documents will be added on a regular basis to this ever-evolving research aid.


Edit your org files online.

Optimized for mobile.

Syncs with Dropbox
and Google Drive.

Totally. Just imagine the extra data you could hoover up with some serious WiFi sniffing in the airport.

~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~


A gpg alternative

opmsg is a replacement for gpg which can encrypt/sign/verify your mails or create/verify detached signatures of local files. Even though the opmsg output looks similar, the concept is entirely different.

~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~

Check-LocalAdminHash is a PowerShell tool that attempts to authenticate to multiple hosts over either WMI or SMB using a password hash to determine if the provided credential is a local administrator.

Wow, so Kazakhstan is now systematically subverting HTTPS encryption? Crazy times...

The System Design Primer

Learn how to design large-scale systems. Learning how to design scalable systems will help you become a better engineer.

~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~

RDPassSpary is a python tool to perform password spray attack in a Microsoft domain environment. ALWAYS VERIFY THE LOCKOUT POLICY TO PREVENT LOCKING USERS.

Prebake: Block EU Cookie Notices with Adblock

Prebake is an Adblock filter subscription that blocks large, obtrusive cookie notices. These notices either consume a considerable amount of screen real estate or popup and distract the viewers attention, which can be just as annoying as ads.

To subscribe to these filters, you'll need an Adblock filter compatible program like uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus.

Europe Billed Galileo as Its Answer to GPS. It’s Been Mostly Down for Days.

The European Union sees the service as a way to end the bloc’s reliance on GPS, which the American military controls.

No. I use a variety of text editors based on what system I am using.

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