do you remember dmoz?
I do. and, because of that, I've already bookmarked #curlie its rightful successor

Like with every messaging/networking service, if none of your people are on a certain platform, who will you communicate with? I would love be to switch to Signal, but I only convinced a couple of people to join me and eventually they switched back. 😑

Google Wants to Change How Cookies Are Used

Google I/O is a good place to announce a whole lot of new privacy features “coming soon.” It is also a good place to bury plans to change how Google will handle HTTP cookies in Chrome.

Like with all VPN review sites, take their recommendations with a big grain of salt as they benefit financially based on their reviews.

I don't want to know how many browsers do not verify #XPI signatures anymore... Like zombies, walking around

If you disabled xpinstall.signatures.required make sure you reenable it now! :firefox: :doomguy:

And pass this reminder on to your peers and channels

I heard about Joplin the note-taking app recently and it sounds interesting. Anyone I know have any opinions about it?

Interesting. I might have to export my Evernote and see how they look in Joplin. I am most interested to know how well the Web Clipper works. Evernote's Web Clipper is pretty hard to beat.

Nice Android Web Browser that allows the addition of extensions like uBlock and uMatrix.

XDA Labs | Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser by arnaud42 - 4.85/5 (169 ratings)

Check if your browser uses Secure DNS, DNSSEC, TLS 1.3, and Encrypted SNI - gHacks Tech News

Cloudflare's Browsing Experience Security Check online tool tests the capabilities of the web browser in regards to certain privacy and security related features.


I know what you mean. It is my current default until something better comes along.

DNS-over-TLS for Android is usable right now.

Android 9 supports "Private DNS" which uses DNS-over-TLS to provide security and privacy for your DNS queries. You can configure it with the following steps.

1) Go to "Settings" → "Network & Internet" → "Advanced" → "Private DNS".
2) Select Private DNS provider hostname.
3) Enter as the hostname of the DNS provider.
4) Click Save.

Build Cheat Sheets and Share Your Favourites! - Cheat Sheets For Every Occasion

Build Cheat Sheets and Share Your Favourites! - Cheat Sheets For Every Occasion

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