How sloppy OPSEC gave researchers an inside look at the exploit industry

“Those government developers were testing out the WhatsApp malware on their own devices, and it was storing their discussions on the program’s servers.

The nation-state essentially had hacked itself and accidentally dumped highly sensitive information on the open internet—including details of its interactions with the secretive vendors who sell spyware to governments.”


If there's anything natural element that looks like it's been made by an advanced alien civilization, it's crystallized bismuth.
Seriously - it's like the fairies that used to live in mushroom circles now live in a post-singularity society.

Good choice. Personally, I have used Private Internet Access for years and am totally satisfied.

Now that Mastodon 2.7 is released, don't forget that you can customize your tag timelines with a long press on the tab :
- Change the name
- Add more tags
- Exclude tags
- Media only
- Etc.

Currently the layout for media only is somewhat broken, but it will be fixed in the next release. So it will be similar to art timeline.

Who’s Really Behind the World’s Most Popular Free VPNs?

Half of the world’s most popular free VPN apps are run by secretive Chinese companies. Find out what’s really happening to your data.

Who’s Really Behind the World’s Most Popular Free VPNs?

I use Syncthing to sync files between Linux PC, Raspberry Pi and VPS on DO. Love it, Live it.

Microsoft tries to take on the Chromebook once more

Will the third time be the charm, or will Windows Lite join Windows 10 S and Windows RT as failed Windows variations?

is cool

is... ambitious/desirious/sensible/deader-than-medieval-latin

IMHO, this is mainly due in part to people and organizations getting motivated about secure communication after the Snowden NSA leaks.

WTF... For some reason I was certain that encrypted swap on Linux needs some complicated setup...

In reality, you just need cryptsetup, a line in /etc/crypttab that has the "swap" attribute and uses /dev/urandom as source for an ephemeral key (swap doesn't usually need to survive reboots), and then point your swap entry in fstab to the resulting device mapper device.

See cryptsetup FAQ, 2.3 How do I set up encrypted swap, or the CRYPTTAB(5) man page.

I've heard people kicking around ideas that would put people in charge of their data by effectively letting them rent it out to other companies, but this is the first time I've seen anyone actually try and build it.
It's an interesting concept, but I wonder if it would gain any adoption from the major players in surveillance capitalism.

1) UPnP is bad and stupid. Turn that crap off, folks.

2) looking forward to this troll getting busted and getting legally pwned.

Pewdiepie fanboi printer, Chromecast haxxx0r retreats, says they're 'afraid of being caught'

Somebody call the waaaaaambulance

Pewdiepie fanboi printer, Chromecast haxxx0r retreats, says they're 'afraid of being caught' • The Register

Let's see if we can get Mobile onto a .

Info Links:
- Plasma Mobile Site:

- 2016 Thread on using Ubuntu Mate image as base

- Sept 2018 Wiki w/ how-to's and troubleshooting

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