I know this post will be unpopular with some people. However, it's a topic that needs awareness.

"In a historic shift, Finland’s Green Party voted overwhelmingly to adopt a fully pro-nuclear stance at its national meeting.
The party manifesto now states that nuclear is “sustainable energy” and demands the reform of current energy legislation to streamline the approval process for SMRs (small modular reactors). Finland’s is the first Green Party to adopt such a position."

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@ScottMortimer Nuclear isn’t inherently good, or inherently bad. But the margins for safety are pretty narrow. The human factors of safety play a critical role.

Assuming there are more nuclear installations as a response to pressure from climate change, I sure hope we’ve learned from the mistakes of the past.


Me too. However, I do recognize that the technology is now much better than it was in the past. I certainly prefer the idea of intelligent expansion of nuclear power over continuing use of gas and coal.

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