"Internet-exposed VMware vCenter servers"??? Are you f***ing kidding me? 😳

A multi-platform Python-based malware targeting Windows and Linux devices has now been upgraded to worm its way into Internet-exposed VMware vCenter servers unpatched against a remote code execution vulnerability.

LOL thought the same. but looks like many thousands """""admins""""" do it that way. met lot of these guys not even having an idea what they do. then one has not to wounder why they re able to hack nuclear and other systems.

It explains a lot about the tragic state of cybersecurity.

cybersecurity is complicated and costs money. lot of dreamers out there wants easy, cheesy, free IT an risks companies existence and also public safety. but people like us are running on their nervs becaue we do not say "yes it is ok what you do" :-) it needs some ceo's or Cio's in jail after something happens, then the others will start to think about it in deep. unsure we will see things working out that way.......

@ScottMortimer How else can we hit vCenter while drinking beer on the back deck?

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