Good on the Linux Kernel Mantainers for blocking code that could cause reputational damage to the Linux Kernel, Cyber Security, and the Open Source community in general.

@ScottMortimer "In cybersecurity, trust is hard to win and easy to lose" <= we should strive for that but sometimes it's not reality. E.g. is an example of an inversion of that where has violated their own privacy policy several times & given Microsoft a view of people's searches, yet their trust remains paradoxically unshakable.

@ScottMortimer Misleading test subjects happens all the time & it's important for avoiding (what i think is called) Heisenberg effect.. where merely looking at something alters the result. The researcher must hide what they are doing in order to simulate the real world scenario.

@ScottMortimer E.g. you want see if a dog trusts its eyes or its nose more so you show the dog a treat being placed under an upside-down cup, blindfold the dog, move the treat to another cup, take off the blindfold, & see if the dog trusts its nose or where it saw the treat go. You must commit dishonesty & deceive the dog to do that test. How is that unethical? Depends on the consequence of lying.

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