I have been using Fastmail for years because they block this kind of tracking. Choose an email provider who takes user privacy seriously.

'Spy pixels in emails have become endemic'

@ScottMortimer I worked at #Opera Software when they purchased (and subsequently sold the company back to the original owners of) Fastmail.

The team who make #Fastmail are really nice people and will do everything they can do make the best product.

@ScottMortimer block how? Every mail provider (well, mail client, the provider really doesn't matter) does not load external resources without clicking some sort of button. Do they all "block" it.

Any picture that gets loaded can act as a beacon so simply excluding pixels won't give you protection
@ScottMortimer so essentially the same then as all other clients... minus the proxy bit but that any vpn gives you

@reto @ScottMortimer I'm working my way into emails only as text. Mostly it works.

Tracking can get bent 🥰

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