At this rate, I see Mozilla effectively dead by 2022.

Firefox usage is down 85% despite Mozilla's top exec pay going up 400%

Not that I wish this (Firefox is my secondary browser on all platforms), but the mismanagement of Mozilla is truly shocking.

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@ScottMortimer I can't help but wonder if the browser will be dead or some other org will take it over. There's some seriously powerful IP yet in that codebase if the right owner could make use of it.


Yes - Google 😂 This will be announced as a great success and way to preserve Mozilla, whose management will get third-row but well-paid roles in Chrome team, and then Gecko will be finally buried 🤦‍♂️


@kravietz @chris @ScottMortimer

Mozilla is effectively owned by Google already. They like it that way as it's handy for anti trust scrutiny.

@ScottMortimer Firefox let itself get bloated, everyone jumped to Chrome, which is now also bloated while Firefox has gotten better. It sucks cause I prefer Firefox also. Edge(chromium) is pretty good also, not as bloated and snappier than chrome.

@ScottMortimer, I was always wondering why they have so much money and so bad results.

Their expenses just on software development were $277kk in 2018¹, which is more than enough to hire thousands of really good developers.

I mean, you can make a literally fucking free (as in freedom) software paradise with such amount of money.


@ScottMortimer Wow I didn't know that, would be a real shame if that happened.

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