Does anyone in Fediland have any experience using the new Mozilla VPN?

Please boost.

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@ScottMortimer I belive its based on Mullvad, and I have great experience using it as a VPN. If you have more specific questions, ask away!

@ScottMortimer You shouldn't use Mozilla services as they don't give a shit about privacy and host all of their stuff on GAFAM clouds.The VPN information page is on Google cloud: and most of their other stuff on Amazon AWS.Mozilla VPN is basically just a reseller of and they do actually care about privacy so I recommend using their service directly.

@nipos @ScottMortimer to follow up on this, what are your thoughts on Firefox Relay? From what I read in the link below it looks like something developed by them, powered by AWS' SES.

@rothair @ScottMortimer I'd never use it.It runs through an service directly provided by Amazon so Amazon absolutely has the possibility to look at the contents of every email.Don't trust Amazon,they're evil 👎

@nipos @ScottMortimer is this something Firefox must accept just by using their services? In all availability zones?

@rothair @ScottMortimer Cleartext emails pass through an proprietary Amazon service so yes,Firefox has to accept this and can't control it.

@ScottMortimer To be honest, you're better off just using Mullvad. Firefox VPN is just a skin over that, so why not cut out the middleman?

@ScottMortimer From memory the network is run by another company? If I remember correctly it's ... Mullvad?

Didn't trust it the second we got the email about it from Mozilla.

@ScottMortimer I find the negative sentiment against Mozilla fascinating, whats up with that?

@xorman @ScottMortimer pretty skewed blog entries. Some things may be true, but I'm not wading through someone's opinionated crusade to find that.

If I'm going to read something and take it to heart, I expect it to be factual and levelheaded.

@ScottMortimer Based on Mullvad. Why not just use Mullvad? They're good.

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