RSS never disappeared, it just became a bit forgotten about as people got sucked into proprietary platforms. I have used many different RSS apps and services and have come back to hosting my own ( but Feedly, Inoreader and Tiny Tiny RSS are all good alternatives.

It's Time to Get Back Into RSS | Daniel Miessler

@ScottMortimer I vouch for.both Innoreader and Feedly for cloud aggregators.

RSS is wonderful and nowhere at all duplicated by social media.

@robertcc @ScottMortimer

I'm a paid up user of Inoreader. Worth it to keep up with the flow of news that I want, not news that ad networks think I should see.

I was very sad when google decided to kill reader. I started using feedly for a while and then implemented liferea to use locally on my computer. It is true, when I used rss I had my own weblog and this was also a way to interact with the blogging community.
@ScottMortimer I love TT-RSS! That’s what I’ve been using for years now and it’s great :)

@ScottMortimer in general I totally agree but sadly the author only suggests non-free Software even though there are a lot of Libre and ethical alternatives available (which TTRSS is definitely not, it's Open Source but developed by a Nazi who puts posts on his forum which are unpleasent to him in a virtual 'gas chamber')

Right wing 

Do you know about the gas-chamber category in the the TT-RSS forum?

@ScottMortimer I'd use RSS more if entries didn't disappear when I'm too late to catch them.

@snailerotica @ScottMortimer Any good reader can be configured to save articles for a period of time! Please don't give up on RSS because the clients you've used don't support a very common feature. :)

@snailerotica @ScottMortimer Oh! You're talking about items that have fallen off of the RSS feed before you came along. RSS is the wrong tool for that job, something like your browser's reader mode or Pocket is a better tool for that.

@snailerotica @ScottMortimer In which case I'd suggest talking with

There's long been a standard to address these weaknesses, and he's trying (tried?) to get it adopted.

@alcinnz @snailerotica @ScottMortimer Oh hi! @clacke just interviewed @fluffy and me about full-history RSS feeds, so you could listen to that interview if you like:

It doesn't technically air in the podcast until next Tuesday but you can still listen to it now.

Also, I'll give a shoutout to Newsblur - open source, can be hosted/self hosted, can pull full feeds from truncated/Atom feeds. Newsboat, if you prefer a CLI is also really good!

@Rastal @ScottMortimer I opened this thread with the point of making both of those suggestions, so, thank you! The only small problem there is you can't use Newsblur with Newsboat. :(

Maybe as the Rust rewrite continues I'll look at making that possible. Very much not interested in writing C++.

@ScottMortimer Worth noting that pretty much every wordpress based site has a feed whether the site owners know it or not - add /rss or /feed to the base URL and there it is

@ScottMortimer you saw that HN post too, huh? I was really annoyed by how the author kept using past tense for RSS in the post.

@ScottMortimer while limited perhaps, I've been using the RSS reader in Thunderbird. This way I can check my mail and feeds all at one spot.

@ScottMortimer what dragged me from staying with RSS after reader got nuked was twitter. I used that as my feed reader. I followed my favourite writers, bloggers, journalists, lawyers, economists, etc. And it became a single firehouse.

I could never go back.

@ScottMortimer I'm trying to recreate this experience with RSS. I'm subscribing feeds with a reader but then having a page pull all the feeds out as one in a river of news / planet style.

No folders, no tags, no bloody unread counts.

So I can open my feeds on a webpage and just scroll through a timeline of article summaries, just like I'd do with twitter.

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