I'm compiling a list of interview questions & links of q&a for people trying to get into infosec roles. What are some basic/moderate/advanced questions you'd expect to ask or be asked on an interview? From what is port 25? How does a reflection attack work and how can you mitigate it? Over which port does ICMP function? Please give me your questions, your links, your huddled masses.

@SandPaper From a personal side I have asked "What about infosec excites you." I have found that many people are interviewing for entry to mid level positions because infosec is the hot industry to be in now.

If the work does not excite then people will get burned out quickly. This is a very stressful field and one that people need to want to get out of bed in the morning.

@Liam thanks for the feedback. I have run into this question so it's definitely a good one.

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