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Multiplayer p2p with hypercore protocol is almost hereeee
Thanks to dresk @ashesmonroe and last but not least @RangerMauve !!

Every time I blink I see YAML files. 😩😩😩😩

Excited to finish up this chunk of work.

Buhhh. I wanna do more fediverse stuff, but I have unreasonable expectations from having used Matrix bridges. 🥲

I just wanna have all my stuff in one place.

Pressure works:

> "Facebook is extremely thinly staffed ... and this is because there are a lot of technologists that look at what Facebook has done and their unwillingness to accept responsibility, and people just aren't willing to work there," Haugen said



This is what end-to-end encryption should look like! - Jitsi


what i should probably be doing with spare programming cycle is learning rust and sysop kit, but then i think "you know i bet you could do a p2p fediverse with dat and activitypub"

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I added apk download links to the Cliqz Concept Browser readme. Get yourself an android browser that can load dat:// URLs.

the year is 2095. the seventh socialist international has split into rival factions over the question of whether tom nook is a counter revolutionary symbol

i've gotten to know like...... a mindblowing amount of mindblowing people. i guess the p2p web is not just alive, but blossoming


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"Local-first software
You own your data, in spite of the cloud"

"However, by centralizing data storage on servers, cloud apps also take away ownership and agency from users. If a service shuts down, the software stops functioning, and data created with that software is lost."

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there's this thing that classists do where when faced with the societal symptoms of having a class of people who are forced into homelessness where they blame the individuals instead of the society.

for example: people are living in tents on the side of the road the blame is placed on the person in the tent instead of the lack of shelter provided by society

another example: human feces on the ground. the individual is blamed instead of the lack of accommodations as if poor people are going around doing targeted poopings

the year is 2070 and elon musk’s grandchild stands in his grand library, surrounded by books long unprinted. he regards a reproduction of an advice dog meme, blown up to occupy the whole wall above the fireplace. “buy a pizza” it says above, and below: “pay with snakes”

he considers the piece regularly. something about it truly is wise, he thinks. has my pizza been paid for with snakes? have i paid snakes for the rich pizzas of my life? outside, the soil burns under acid rain.

My brain was fried from work yesterday so I finally got around to finishing up this this thing.

Now I can render a terminal in that opens a shell to an Ubuntu instance running on my phone.

The goal is to make a VR development environment. 😁



have you thought about unionizing

Started reading Discworld to get my mind off work. So far I'm loving how vivid the imagery is.

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