I like the model that some patreon-backed creators have adopted where their patrons get access to content early, and the general public gets it a week later or something.

I think it strikes a great balance between premium and open information. More content should follow suite. (Maybe news / science publishing?)

How do you explain Federated services like #Mastodon; #Peertube; #Pixelfed to every day non-tech people?

I used the term "Federated Twitter " but even that gets met with blank stares sometimes.

Any advice, my friends?

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nm I figured it out, google's going to close deals with capped ISPs to colocate yeti rendering boxes in central offices and zero-rate the traffic, throw it into google one, and jack up the price in a few years once they have sufficient market power to twist everyone's arms

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... Random #CyberPunk Cyberdeck reflection: All computers that are attempting to be a #cyberdeck need a head mounted or connected display, at least capability of #mesh networking and some form of ability to directly connect to a guest computers network by some form of cabling. Am I wrong? we also need spme form of VR internet browser/ shell that has a suitable #shadowrun #cyber feel...

I found this cool video aboutdecentalized networks and how the centralized web naturally leads to surveillance capitalism.


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The bane of creating streaming protocol handlers for Android webviews: Only reading once from an input stream and assuming it's finished.


capitalists are capitalism’s greatest enemy

Not a fan of doing Java stuff after getting so used to the web. 😭

At least stuff is compiling. :D

Capitalist philosopher: The first rule of economics is that there's not enough for everyone.

*researches the amount of used land on the planet*
*researches the yearly amount of wasted food*
*finds a list of some patents that would be very helpful for public use*
*acknowledges massive technological advancement in manufacturing*
*is generally aware of the legal state of hemp*

Me: ...I am unconvinced.

Here's a thing you can use to load websites in your website using with a fallback to a gateway.

The fancy part is that it automatically rewrites src attributes for images and links on the page to load them from dat so most websites should work now. 😍


Any suggestions for and people go follow on the fediverse?

Sometimes I'm really not a fan of mobile development. How the heck am I supposed to debug "RTCView was not found in the UIManager". How is that even possible?!

New milestone - beta build of Cliqz browser with dat:// support built in! Dat urls load natively using the dat-webext extension.

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