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Couldn't resist to buy a new case for my Pi 4. Should arrive this saturday.

Who is still active on Twitter? Need some accounts to follow.

I've just made a new Twitter account and the default settings ain't that bad. Glad to see this.

How do you all manage your todo lists and projects?

I have the feeling that no matter how I do it, I make it wrong. Kinda lost here.

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Has anyone experience in publishing a book?

I've got some ideas, but it is kinda difficult to estimate the effort.

I appreciate any help, even a simple boot :)

todo.txt is a plain text format for todo lists. Clean, easy to work with, ton of editors.

Is there something similar for calenders?

Haven't found anything so far and find a concept like this really appealing.

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First the Internet gave us access to everything. Then it gave everything access to us.

Anyone down for a challenge? It is way more fun together and easier to keep each other accountable.

Going to spend a couple of hours to try to dox myself and check for potential breaches.

Done so far: deleted a bunch of abandoned accounts/ personas, changed passwords, changed some usernames.

Are you learning German or need a translation? Feel free to contact me with your question,

The Raspberry 4 is getting pretty warm over time without any load. Casual surfing (no videos) and with heat sinks installed it is consistent around 75C/ 167F.

It helps to leave the case open, but that shouldnt be necessary. With the open case the temperature was around 66C/ 152F.

I think I need another case to solve this.

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It makes way more fun to work with the Raspberry Pi 4 compared to the version 3.

It may be to early to say after 2 hours, but I could imagine that version 4 is suitable to be a daily driver for a lot of people.

CPU temp is at 65-70C / 149-158F without any cooling or heat sinks [surfing, updates, settings] Going to add the heat sinks later.

Sent from Raspberry Pi 4

VPN ads are getting more and more ridiculous.

Unpopular opinion ? 

Is anyone using Reddit for infosec related topics?
I've found soome gems there over time, but the overall quality seems kinda disappointing,

Do you have some subreddits you visit regularly?

I've ordered a couple of radiators too. Should be enough (hopefully).

And as far as I know only the 4 GB version seems to have problems with overheating.

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