I've decided a couple of weeks ago to work with only 1 monitor and I want to share my experience.


PS: not really happy with this post. I had some problems to concentrate.

With this blog post I just want to give you a small insight into the current state of my blog and what I am currently working on.


Just a small list of ways you can contribute to your favorite project even without any coding skills.


Feedback is welcome!

So, in my first blog post I simply describe why I want to work on my blog and what you can expect in the future.

My focus for the next 100 days will be on tech related topics: infosec, OSINT, open source and so on.

Feedback is welcome!


is swimming back regarding the implementation of user tracking.

They will implement this shit sooner or later. Time to switch.

My new fan just arrived and I love it already. It is quiet and does a great job (Thanks to @jerry again for the recommendation).

I had to do some modifications to the case and the connection and it doesn't look professional in any way, but it works (so far).

Noctua 40x20mm, 5V
Original Raspberry Pi 4 case

The Raspberry Pi 4 case arrived earlier than expected. Installation was easy and the CPU is way cooler, what means, it works.

Test environment:
3 hours, 2560x1080 screen, normal day to day work (surfing, email, coding) on the left + HD video stream on the right.

Before, open case 80C/ 176F
After, with this case with fan: 50C/ 122F

Better than expected regarding the temperature. Unfortunately the fan is noticeable audible, but it is neither too loud nor annoying tbh.

I am downloading the new 3.1 update (early access) right now. I skimmed the patch notes and it looks promising. I really hope Android apps are going to run more stable.


Couldn't resist to buy a new case for my Pi 4. Should arrive this saturday.

Does anyone know what exactly create this wrong preview?

This were made in Thunderbird where I'd received a spam mail and this debian-wide preview showed me the wrong link.
The Thunderbird preview - bottom-left corner - showed me the correct/ real destiny.

This is especially for beginners really confusing. The same happens in Firefox...

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