My new fan just arrived and I love it already. It is quiet and does a great job (Thanks to @jerry again for the recommendation).

I had to do some modifications to the case and the connection and it doesn't look professional in any way, but it works (so far).

Noctua 40x20mm, 5V
Original Raspberry Pi 4 case

The Raspberry Pi 4 case arrived earlier than expected. Installation was easy and the CPU is way cooler, what means, it works.

Test environment:
3 hours, 2560x1080 screen, normal day to day work (surfing, email, coding) on the left + HD video stream on the right.

Before, open case 80C/ 176F
After, with this case with fan: 50C/ 122F

Better than expected regarding the temperature. Unfortunately the fan is noticeable audible, but it is neither too loud nor annoying tbh.

I am downloading the new 3.1 update (early access) right now. I skimmed the patch notes and it looks promising. I really hope Android apps are going to run more stable.

Couldn't resist to buy a new case for my Pi 4. Should arrive this saturday.

Does anyone know what exactly create this wrong preview?

This were made in Thunderbird where I'd received a spam mail and this debian-wide preview showed me the wrong link.
The Thunderbird preview - bottom-left corner - showed me the correct/ real destiny.

This is especially for beginners really confusing. The same happens in Firefox...

just permanently banned all accounts of .

Paypal is a tracking and censorship tool, nothing more.

This is the default distribution of your 'donation' for the Vegas PRO bundle.
10% for the charity... I've just changed it to 100% for this bundle.

This is bothering me.

Can't wait to install on this device.
Waiting for the main features being released in the near future.

Just upgraded:

Grey trackball: new Logitech MX Ergo
Blue trackball: old Logitech M570

I'm going to test the MX Ergo for a while and write a small review.

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