What are your favorite infosec/ privacy news sources?

@R10T Not strictly infosec but

Jep, like those sites. Great ways to find new rabbit holes. Thanks for sharing.

@R10T Also Application Security Weekly. I learned a lot from @jerry and Andrew's podcast over a number of years but since I don't work for large enterprises, I eventually dropped it due to time pressure.

@cognish SANS Stromcast is new to me, added it to my playlist. Thank you

@R10T a bunch of blogs, and like it or hate it—Twitter.

@x Do you mind sharing your list of blogs?
And Twitter is actually a great source, I don't mind.

@R10T Sure. — {OS,GEO}INT, investigative journalism, natsec — natsec, geopolitics — infosec, disinfo — privacy, security, tech policy — security, threat intel — counter-intelligence

I understand none of these sites are technical in nature, but I felt the technical stuff is all too common—just browse r/netsec, if that's what you're looking for. :)

@R10T Also add the Darknet Diaries podcast to the list—makes for a fun listen if you like hacker stories. Nothing technical / useful from a knowledge perspective though.

@x Awesome list! Interesting topics. Thank you for sharing!

@R10T Michael Bazzell's podcast The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show Or anything from him really.

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