@R10T Remember when you could buy and sell used software .. when it came in a box, with a license number?

@R10T Does this apply to gmail, amazon, apple accounts etc too?!

@aran Perhaps. There wasn't a statement yet and the deadline seems to be the 2019-10-28. Maybe other provider will follow:

"When will I lose access to my Adobe accounts and content?

You have until October 28, 2019 to download any content that you have stored in your Adobe account. After this date your account will be deactivated."

@R10T This is exactly why cloud is the current future and we should build a better future.
@R10T sounds like somebody thought clouds existed outside of the political realm.
@xj9 @R10T did they listen when we told them Service as a Software Substitute is bad? No. They think it's all sunshine and rainbows. Until the thunder starts rolling in.

@R10T more proof that their entire business model is to make you put shit on their computers and then holding it hostage for money...

@R10T Not that kind of GAFAM + Adobe cloud which can shut down access to any / all third country based users, based on an executive order... From the US!

@R10T I'm guessing gimp is going to become more popular in Venezuela.

@R10T The big problem isn’t that they loose access to the software. It’s all the data stored in proprietary file formats that don’t work with other software that’s the main problem.

@da @R10T exactly why SAAS is not a good model and I will always go out if my way to avoid it , and "subscription" models are just as risky.

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