Hey @jerry how are you doing? The noctua fan just arrived and before I try to do it myself (and destroy it) I wanted to ask you, how did you connect the fan to your Pi4? Have you made your own 3 to 2 pin adapter?

@R10T I used a small screw driver to pull the pins out of the existing connector. Then I reversed the order.

@jerry @R10T the gpio pins have, at one end, pins in the order +5v +5v GND. Black is GND. You could just stick the header on as it is, but the connector is too wide on that side, so we have to swap the wires on the ends. Hope that makes sense. Will take a pic later for you.

@R10T I did too good of a job sticking it to the bottom of my desk and can’t get it off without wrecking the case. You can kind of get the idea from the side angle picture on the shape of the connector.

@jerry Got it, thanks for the pictures! I did it a little bit different just to see, whether it would work (It surprisingly did).

And thanks for the fan recommendation. It is worth every penny. I can barely hear it and it keeps the Pi4 easily under 50C. Amazing :)

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