todo.txt is a plain text format for todo lists. Clean, easy to work with, ton of editors.

Is there something similar for calenders?

Haven't found anything so far and find a concept like this really appealing.

@R10T actually is plain text also with a little markup using #OrgMode

I heard it could also handle calendars, but I've yet to master this part.

Oh right, totally forgot about orgmode. Going to try it later, thanks for the tip! I find the calcurse appointment format pretty readable.
it's basically

MM/DD/YYYY @ HH:MM -> MM/DD/YYYY @ HH:MM| Description until newline

@nick Rather than the format of the date I meant the format of the whole appointment like title, description, length, etc.
And for the format of the date I'd use the ISO format. I'd like to know a better solution too that's not iCal.

Goes without saying that ordering dates in data should be ISO, but I can tolerate it for this case.

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