I want to backup/ digitalize my collection. Can anyone recommend a free/ cheap bluray ripper? OS doesnt matter.

Downloaded at least 5 so far. 3 were malware, 2 were 200 bucks scams.

Appreciate any tip.

@R10T makeMKV. It's perpetually in beta, so you need a new key every so often, but they're published in their forums

Makes an uncompressed mkv from the disc, which you can further convert with handbrake or ffmpeg

@darrenpmeyer makeMKV is free until the end of Jan. Works really great, thanks for the tip!

It is a pain in the ass to work with blurays...

@R10T it's likely free after that too. They release a new version with a new free code every month or so. They might charge someday, but so far (years now…) they haven't

And yes; Blu-ray is not a convenient format

@R10T I only own one bluray (the Mindcandy 3 bluray) and it is still shrinkwrapped, but:

Covers technical aspects, libraries, and while it doesn't give a specific answer to your question, it likely will explain how to do what you want to do in the way you want to do it...

@Truck Great summary of the topic. Thanks for the tip!

@R10T watch out for the copyright! i am the internet police and i am watching you !

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