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"We cannot expect governments, corporations, or other large, faceless organizations to grant us privacy out of their beneficence."

A Cypherpunk's Manifesto

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It is time to hit the gym again. I got way to fat.

My new fan just arrived and I love it already. It is quiet and does a great job (Thanks to @jerry again for the recommendation).

I had to do some modifications to the case and the connection and it doesn't look professional in any way, but it works (so far).

Noctua 40x20mm, 5V
Original Raspberry Pi 4 case

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Hofstadter's Law states that "It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law."

Hey @jerry how are you doing? The noctua fan just arrived and before I try to do it myself (and destroy it) I wanted to ask you, how did you connect the fan to your Pi4? Have you made your own 3 to 2 pin adapter?

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Holy what!

"Amazon's home security company Ring has enlisted local police departments around the country to advertise its surveillance cameras in exchange for free Ring products and a “portal” that allows police to request footage from these cameras, a secret agreement obtained by Motherboard shows."

I've been playing a game with my Raspberry Pi 4 all day. Who is going to overheat first, me or the Raspberry?

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Windows 10 Privacy Warning As Edge Browser Data Issue Is Confirmed

TL;DR - Edge tracks and sends full URLs, user IDs, and other private info to Microsoft. Don’t use it.

#privacy #security #infosec #Microsoft #browsers #tracking #surveillance #edgebrowser

The more I code, the dumber I become ... At least it feels like it.

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The #makeablog initiative has re-opened, with additional funds for 5 more blogs:

Thanks to Jamie Tanna for inspiring me to add some more funds to this pot!

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Side note: I've installed the fan on the outside on purpose so the installed heat sink can stay on the CPU.

The Raspberry Pi 4 case arrived earlier than expected. Installation was easy and the CPU is way cooler, what means, it works.

Test environment:
3 hours, 2560x1080 screen, normal day to day work (surfing, email, coding) on the left + HD video stream on the right.

Before, open case 80C/ 176F
After, with this case with fan: 50C/ 122F

Better than expected regarding the temperature. Unfortunately the fan is noticeable audible, but it is neither too loud nor annoying tbh.

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.42 release preview - MuWire Anonymous File-Sharing Coming to I2P soon!

I am downloading the new 3.1 update (early access) right now. I skimmed the patch notes and it looks promising. I really hope Android apps are going to run more stable.

Just arrived. Badusb virtual keyboard. Can't wait to test it out.

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Glad you asked!
1. Pages load twice as fast
2. Laptop battery lasts longer
3. My privacy isn't invaded by 50 different douchebro Silicon Valley companies
4. Your fucking site doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl and I can actually read your fucking articles

"FaceApp is the worst! They just want my information!"

- Random users on Facebook/ Instagram and Co.

Sweet, sweet irony.

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