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Favorite new tool for when "lawyers" call. Google "state bar search [insert state]"

Find out in 10 seconds if this guy might actually be a lawyer, then make sure he IS that person.

When we are in daily contact with a law firm that has a half-built website with no Priv-Policy, non-working links everywhere, under-construction banners on 50% of the site and one link to a "" page with no context.

What are you even doing guys? Who would trust this kind of crap?

I had a revelation today. The modern business man is constantly at odds with technology, trying to get the features of cutting edge technology, but expecting the consistency and stability of a rock.

Our Billing Manager always logs into the QuickBooks as the admin so that when the server stalls or loses her session or something weird it locks up the QB file because the admin is "still logged in".

So I'm given a list of JSON objects and the ID of each object is important. How can I put the ID if the object inside the object before I put all the objects into an array?

Why do we demand to hand out static IP addresses with a DHCP reservation? I know it's more flexible but we have to manage every router/equipment change for every single customer.

Aaand now we've got some device somewhere statically assigned with a different customer's IP. Guess what we can do about it? ...Nothing...
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

So after talking to a NEW advisor from my college suddenly my schedule is much simpler and I only have 1 term left instead of "2 maybe 3"...

I know these people don't get paid enough but seriously, it's literally a list of checkboxes. Just let me pay my money and take my tests.

security: okay, well to secure this FTP service, we're going to add some whitelisted IPs to the stateful firewall, enforce ftp/s encryption and monitor for any brute force attempts.
Me: *disables FTP* stop using shit from 1985.

College Website: Your pin has expired please create a new pin.
*Enters the same pin*
College Website: Thanks.

So I've been toying with NodeRed and I want to try my hand at building an MQTT controlled garage door opener. The 2 openers we currently have are too bulky for the motorcycle and really inconsistent.

I'm learning JavaScript for it, but is there anything like NodeRed for GoLang or Python? Might have to rewrite in is both just to prove I can later.

Formatting and installing Windows 10 on an old Win7 machine. Running the installer from inside the current Win7 OS allows a no-usb no-cd, clean win10 install. Really cool right.

It's the only way I've seen to get Windows 10 to download updates when it's not even installed. 😂

So that's weird. The i-key doesn't start insert mode, the delete-key makes characters UPPER CASE. What is going on here?

Just realized that even though I can't `apt install vim` inside this docker container to edit files... I CAN compile VIM from source.

LOL... took me another couple minutes to realize I could just copy the file out and back in. 😂

Just went from 1.5 bosses directly above me to ~4 people that I report to directly on a daily basis... This is gonna be interesting.

I'm running CaddyServer as a reverse-proxy for a bunch of Docker containers and I want to add Jitsi-Meet. But Jitsi is running it's own SSL. Can I get these two things to work together or do I need another IP?

Telling me that NAT'ing and port forwarding will not work with your $2,000 software does not reassure me that this investment is worthwhile.

Also "Yeah you can delete the whole app pool as long as the root directory is correct in IIS." would indicate to me that you are making this more complex than it needs to be.

We just purchased a product for ~$2,000 /month and the company sent us a Dropbox share link for the .exe installer... Is this a thing that real companies do?

"Thank you for holding, it sounds like you're having a unique problem."
Thanks Wells Fargo, that's exactly what I want to hear on a Monday morning...

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