I want to get into electrical engineering, but apparently my intuitive understanding of electricity is terrible. Where should I start with this?

Also can some eli5 FPGA's and any the wiki page seemed to be 90% acronyms last week?

Somehow my being a nice/courteous guy puts me in jeopardy of losing my job. Not the best working environment guys.

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I still find it baffling that CEO's of companies will enforce policies that directly poison the working relationship with their competing companies. I understand that it's a cutthroat market, but it's always interesting to me that by taking an extra 2 minutes and working nicely with that same company I can get 10x more work done than my coworkers who follow the policies of being jerks to them...

To be fair there's no reason either of us should be writing an apache config file for our web server... But somehow we still got asked to do it.

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Me: I'll just force HTTPS on this server then we can just use the SSL config for everything.

CW: Okay, yeah! Then we'll just copy that to the HTTP config and we're done.

Me: ...Can you just get me a coffee or something?

Finished writing a Dockerfile repo for running OpenSIPs with the Control Panel pre-installed. Just waiting for our SwitchTech to get back from vacation to add post-installation setup. Finally seeing my coworkers realize how powerful & flexible Docker is.

10/10 would dockerize everything.

"Just put the MetaSwitch into safety mode, that always fixes that issue."
Is not something I like to hear... Maybe we should fix the cause rather than memorize the workaround?

You know your coworkers are great when a conversation ends with "Statler & Waldorf for President, 2020. If you're voting puppet, vote for a muppet"

So doing storage-agnostic directory backups in Windows is a giant pain in the ass. I dropped the HDD into my Linux enviro and ran Restic to S3 and it was done in 15 minutes.

I noticed a weird issue with my Zorin Gnome desktop, if I set my voip client window to "Always on Visible Workspace" but then I spawn a child window from it and use that window at all it removes the setting from the parent window. :\
Every time I make/receive a call I have to re-add the setting to the window. I wonder if there's anyway to force this setting to always-on?

These people share screenshots in .docx files... Why?

I need you to built this thing. No, not that way, it needs to do this other thing too. No not like that it needs to match this OTHER thing. No that's too similar it's supposed to be BETTER.

You know what nevermind, we'll just stick with the old thing.
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

I just made a gluten-free chocolate cake with cream-cheese icing. I may have added a healthy serving of Chocolate-Raspberry wine to the icing.
I VERY much recommend.

"What does 'raised by hand' even mean?"
"I don't know, how else would you do it?"
"In a wheelbarrow?"

Customer: My SIP phone is having problems.
Me: Can you log into it?
Customer: Yeah, it's at <PUBLIC_IP>.
Me: Well there's your problem. Looks like we're re-configuring it from INSIDE the netwok.

Just found out that one of the 2 usb cables I've been using to connect a USB hub to my Rpi ZeroW is data only... These random keyboard issues make SOOO much more sense now.

Nothing like paying $35 for 2 adapters, then realizing those are hdmi2HDMI not OTG adapters... Niiiiice

My coworker also think this would allow posting live NodeRed configuration to Blockstack as a public zone file to become a really easy way to share and cache configurations.

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Why doesn't NodeRed support exporting your configuration as a template with setup? Like allow labeling sensetive fields so they're stripped out before exporting and the user is prompted to replace them during import.

This would make sharing production-grade flows much easier. No more replacing everything with example.com and user/password.

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