I am back and want to present you a 'Pilot' blog post. The series is called 'TLDR' in which I read the boring Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of various services.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!


Week 003: What changed?
Published 'Tweetoot' + updated the front Page



Twitter + Mastodon crossposting script in Python 3

Add credentials, insert text to content.txt and run tweetoot.py.


(Used the script)

Week 2: The summary

* minor changes on the homepage
* new git instance. Testing notabug.org atm
* added new wallpaper to the gallery


My focus in currently on the workflow of those changelogs, creating new blogposts and wallpaper & more is coming soon.

And this is just the beginning.

First tutorial:
How to create a simple bot for Mastodon in Python.

To the tutorial:

To the code:

Feedback is highly appreciated.

I am currently experimenting with a weekly changelog for my homepage as it is a great way to follow all recent changes.

I've found an easy way to publish those updates and very information is stored in a single YAML file. I think I publish a blog post about my workflow for those updates soon.

Here is the first one. The design is still WIP tho.


Created a simple logo.
Worked on the design of the homepage.
Added some wallpaper to the gallery.
Still working on the road map tho

Slowly but steady.

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