So I finally bought my domain to start tech/sec blogging, but I have no idea what to write about..

A friend was boasting at dinner that their kid worked here, still no idea what they actually do.

me, coding in C#: i wont be a real dev until i code in C++

me, coding in C++: i wont be a real dev until i code in C

me, coding in C: i wont be a real dev until i code in assembly

me, coding in assembly: i wont be a real dev until i destroy god & supplant him as creator of all

I am thinking about getting a smart speaker like Alexa or google home, but I am concerned about security. Does any one have any alternatives to the major ones out there?

'RSS is due for a comeback. No ads. No suspicious javascript. Just the signal without the noise.' Now Is The Perfect Time For An #RSS Renaissance

I really wish there was an easy way to mass export and import data to and from aws dynamo db

police. death. terrorist 

Reading this article

Why didn’t they use his thumb print. Who uses their index finger to unlock their phone.

Of #Apple, #QRCodes, and sanitizing input:

"I’ve learned recently that the iOS 11 camera app will now automatically scan QR codes and interpret them.

Naturally the first thing I want to try is to construct a QR code which will show an unsuspicious hostname in the notification but then open another URL in Safari.

And this is exactly what I found after a few minutes."


Pretty sure I found a bug for a time to write a PoC!!

Anyone who just recently joined Mastodon, post up an introduction about who you are, what you do, and what you like to talk about!

Hashtag it or ! We use hashtags a lot to follow ideas across multiple instances!

Check those Introduction hashtags to meet more new folks.

Here are two of my favorite hashtags:

Other folks might have other suggestions!

Has there been much research done on aws ssm? I am thinking about using it in my some of my lambdas:)

Mastodon development, translations 

Do you know a human language? Do you want Mastodon to be available in that language? There's this website where you can look at English words and phrases and put your language's words and phrases into it and save it and then it'll end up in the next Mastodon release. Probably in 3-4 days max. That website is:

There are some languages that have an awful lot missing. Like Hungarian and Finnish.

Can someone explain this DNS rebinding attack to me, I understand that there is an evil dns entry that switches between local host and evil host. But I’m unsure on how this is used!

No issues all morning, then I step away from my computer then I go out and of course there is an issue.

With the holidays coming up I think it’s time to dedicate some hour to my personal projects, and bug bounties :)

What do y'all use to audit S3 buckets? I've used AWSBucketDump but I'd love to check out some other tools

Bad idea! , a password manager bundled with Windows has a security flaw. Security journalists reported on it. What did Keeper do? Sued the journalists.

Fuck Keeper.

I might have just made a Hackers reference while preparing the WannaCry slides. I regret absolutely nothing. That movie is my favourite

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