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Some dumbass wrote the words "baby shark" on the internet and now it's playing in my head again

As long as I have the word of honor hacker...

"P.S. You are not my single victim. so, I guarantee you that I will not disturb you again after payment!
This is the word of honor hacker."

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I mostly write about security and such, but every now and again I get to churn out a massive story about how to quit Twitter and start a new life here on Masto. I tried to cover as many bases as possible, but lmk if I missed anything really important!

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US tells Germany to stop using Huawei equipment or lose some intelligence access -

There is little to suggest that this is nothing more than native protectionism for US 5G vendors (who are way behind the Chinese in 5G development and price)

I would be willing to believe otherwise if evidence to the contrary is produced.

Humble Book Bundle: Linux By Wiley

I dont have much use for the book on Assembly but the others might be good if you are interested.

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@jerry is there a way regular users can help with this issue?

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Vendor demos should be done exclusively by techs and consumers of the product.

I have never net a completely honest sales / marketing person on a demo.

This might be a bit of fear mongering but I could see how the law could be abused where individuals make mandated changes without the company knowing or approving.

Mozilla fears encryption law could turn its employees into insider threats

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Yay! I released an article!

I'm not super proud of this one... but my goal was just to break a long writing slump. Can only go up from not posting at all.

This one took entirely too long to publish... I'll work on that for the next post.

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This thread is very much worth reading, an interesting way of viewing code. That's patterns I've seen before and fought against.

I wonder, what does it tell about a company culture if the codebase is dominated by the "fearful" coding style?

BCP and DR? Lesson for any business, make plans and test often.

Digital exchange loses $137 million as founder takes passwords to the grave | Ars Technica

Systemd - the gift that keeps on giving. Make sure you are patched.

Linux user? Check those patches! Public exploit published for systemd security holes…

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1. I can not imagine the users, children and teens, have full informed consent.

2. I feel dirty reading this article. No app (maybe antivirus) should install a root cert. This is terrible invasion of privacy and misuse of user trust.

3. No, just no.

Facebook pays teens to download Research app with root access outside App Store Facebook pays teens to download Research app with root access outside App Store

As if is not a handful enough for non EU countries, now we need to worry about no deal

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