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Amazon just went live in Sweden and, wow, the degree or translation errors is HILARIOUS. Some products are translated to the letter (the game "watchdogs" became "looking at dogs") and some products were described with våldtäkt (rape) in their description. This is machine learning going, like, REALLY sideways.

Well, I guess AI isn't so scary after all... 😁

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@kzimmermann @brian of peer tube would clean out it's instances of grave misinformation and conspiracy theories, I'd have backed your encouragement. But it's no better than other social media platforms where misinformation runs rampart.

Good on the EU Parliament!

"The European Parliament rejected a proposal to ban terms such as “burger” and “sausage” to describe plant-based food. Europe’s farming lobby had claimed that using meat-like names could confuse consumers".

@leip4Ier oh wow! Some nice, old school mechanical HDD terminology. SDDs haven't conquered the world after all 😀

Out of all the risks of 5G, there is one that I'm really afraid of. That is the web becoming even more bloated than it is today thanks to higher bandwith in the 5G network.

The web needs to be saved from the current "track everything" paradigm 😕

@itsakerhetspodden Ah, han var med i säkerhetssnack podden - mea culpa! På darknet diaries. Pratade han om pokerspelare i Finland som hade blivit hackade och fått en RAT installerad, vilket användes mot dem när de spelade online. Också grymt intressant berättelse.

Får lyssna in avsnittet med er på lunchpromenaden imorgon 😊

@itsakerhetspodden visst var han med i förra veckans avsnitt? Hörde honom även på ett avsnitt i darknet diaries. Grymt härlig snubbe. Nästan så att jag vill lära mig finska för att lyssna på hans podd också 😁

There's one kind of party that I hope will be wipe off the earth's face, that is recent and that belongs to the medieval times...

"Gender reveal party".


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Since when did external full-size keyboards require the fn-key to be pressed in order to use F1-F12?! *rants shockingly*

@jens thanks, lot of good pointers. I'll experiment and hopefully learn something out of it. Since I'm playing with a personal website - I got nothing to lose 😎

@jens do'h. I meant GPG signature when I wrote hash. My brainpower is not peaking today... 🙃

@c0debabe @LovesTha in theory, couldn't WiFi be enabled by an external libre WiFi USB-dongle?

Stupid question: if I host a webside over without SSL certificate, but with a hash at the end of the website, then the end-user could check the websites integrity and authentication against my GPG public key to prove that it hasn't been tampered with and was written by me.

What the end-user won't get is the TLS-encrypted connection and transfer of the website.

Am I getting it right?

@seb I've trying to figure this out for a while, in order to save my exported Reddit bookmarks offline.
Thanks, will tweak and see what I can manage to make 😀

@leip4Ier Couldn't guess in my wildest dreams that systemd has a logo.TIL...😁

@ScottMortimer @kensanata I'm going to "take the risk". The do after all offer full refund in case of customer being 100% satisfied.

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