To those of you who have replaced Google maps, what have you chosen? I'm looking for an app/service that can also synchronize my marked locations (preferably self hosted).

@kirill @russian_mastodon Best of luck! I'm really intrigued by the project, even though I'm skeptical to some of its aspects. But it is sorely needed, and the timing is right. I might drop a line or two in your gitea instance :-)

@snowden As much as I like Snowden, he has been awfully silence for the last nine months. Perhaps taking refuge in Russia wasn't the best decision considering the situation today.

@kirill @russian_mastodon I'm curious, what is the businessmodel of selfprivacy, how is the project funded?

@SylvieLorxu @exodus thanks for letting me know. Was familiar with those other incidents, but the period tracker app might be of particular interest to the group I'm giving a talk to.

vomit (sick child) 

@jens @simoxsimo the joys of parenthood :-) my kid had once stomach bug and were puking every 45-75 minutes. She had that for two days before it was over...until she got it again three weeks later.

It was a FML moment.

@stemid @hund tack för tipset. Hittills är jag förtjust i Windows terminal och tabby, men har inte riktigt hittat efter en schysst slimmad terminal med wayland-stöd i Linux.

@SylvieLorxu can you please list some examples of what apps sharing what data? I'm compiling a list of examples for a seminar about the importance of privacy and risks of unregulated data collection.

@awesome_leonid @ScottMortimer Discords privacy policy in itself is a reason to move away from threre

@kelbot @ajroach42 odd love to play around in it as well. Put me on the beta list 😁

@robdaemon I don't see the issue with GitHub (they even provide upgraded accounts to NGOs) , but I'm all for choosing a nonprofit / humane provider.

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Is there maybe by any chance someone who has an (old) telescope somewhere and wants to donate it to a star loving mega fan without one..? :blobcateyesblush: :blobcatspace: 🔭 ✋

I'm thinking of creating a small microsite that resides in the URL (itty.bitty-style). I will propably try to cram it into my DNS-record.

However, is it possible to let my visitors verify its integrity since I won't have any SSL certificate or anything of sorts? Would it be verifiable with a hash-sum at the end of the website consisting of the whole site + the hash itself?

@humanetech @EC_OSPO @EC_DIGIT @FRA @Curia @EDPS @CDT @ombudsman this is great! Though I'm more skeptical of peertube due to its less than desirable unmoderated content

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Great news #Fediverse it is Official. The #EU #EuropeanCommission just launched two servers 🚀

Welcome to #EUVoice mastodon and #EUVideo peertube 🎉

So say hi to 👋

Love #FOSS with @EC_OSPO 💘

Stay in the loop with @EC_DIGIT

Help make things fundamentally right with @FRA ☀️

Regain balance with @Curia ⚖️

Protect that data with @EDPS 🔐

Let's go global with @CDT 🌐

Get us heard at @ombudsman 📣

Watch and boost from:

And explore:

@cryptpad Been using your platform for a bit over a year and its awesome. Keep up the great work!

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Hello Fosstodon :) we are CryptPad, a collaborative office suite that is end-to-end encrypted and open-source.

We are migrating from and look forward to being part of the FOSS community on this instance! #introduction

@lokenstein Have you checked out if have anything that might suit you? They provide a lot of services to activists (but not sure if event invites is one of them).

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