I know this is a long shot, but I'm learning and looking for guidance from someone to help me get a grip on the basics for my home projects during my parental leave. Intrested? Please let me know in that case and lets get to know eachother!

@Krash Hey! I don't know how qualified I am from a tutoring standpoint, but I've supposedly been not-terrible at explaining things occasionally. 😅 I'm pretty fluent in Python, though I'm not heavily in tune with the whole ecosystem. May I ask what format of help you're looking for (medium, coverage, timing)… ?


@dasyatidprime Awesome! My need is mostly to make sure that I understand some basic concepts for rather simple programs. As for medium and timing, maybe once a week over IMs or email. I'm flexible 😀

@isagalaev it is indeed, never thought I'd get people actually intrested in helping out ☺

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