I finally fired Google. In this post I write about how I got locked in, how I got out, and what took me so long. #privacy puri.sm/posts/i-finally-fired-

@Ent Very good point. I know of some US condo associations that are forbidding EV chargers due to fire risk (thanks GM), but since I own my place I'm good with it.

I tend to keep my cars for years. My current one has 200k km and is 10 years old (if it wasn't for COVID I'm sure I'd be closer to 250k), and I'm hoping to do a similar thing with the new car. I'll definitely keep folks updated.

@TheGibson I gave the Lacework sales guy a hell of a hard time, but we eventually caved. I hated to admit it, but they actually delivered on their promise. Great piece of kit.

Working on some Kubernetes Security training. I want the first slide to simply read "DON'T", but they won't pay me for that, so down to the 9th circle of hell I go!

@Ent I wouldn't consider EVs "bleeding edge" tech, but some of the infrastructure, yes. I know more than a few folks who have had Tesla's for many years without issues in the Canadian winters, but apparently the recent Model Ys are not cut from the same cloth. But I avoid Tesla for other reasons.

I'm going with Hyundai because they've had EVs for a number of years as well, and I had an ICE version in the past that was rock solid. To each their own I suppose, but it will meet my needs. 🙂

@Ent I'm not fooling myself into believing EVs are ready for the general public - they're not. There's a certain level of planning, etc., that needs to be done first for sure. Battery technology, charging infrastructure, etc., will all get better, but we need adoption to ensure we get the resources put on those advancements. I'm willing to go in on that for now to help future generations get to a better place. That and I like tech. 🙂

@TheGibson And this is why I haven't invested in a NAS yet... Not that I'd want to put it online anyways, but still!

@Ent It's funny, we used to do an annual trip that would take about 23 hours over two days, and I used abetterrouteplanner.com to map out different vehicles to see which one would be best. I settled on the Hyundai Ioniq5 which seems to add about 2 hours to the trip with charging, which is good enough for me.

Most of my driving is short stints, and even with my petrol car I was filling up once a week. Infrastructure here is getting better for EVs, so I'm giving them a shot now.

@MrManor I've seen the odd i3 in Canada before the pandemic hit. It's definitely a beautiful car, but I can totally see the cross-country roadtrip anxiety. I was scoping out a Kia Niro EV before the Ioniq 5 came into play. I had considered the Model Y as well, but between price and zealotry, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Now I wait, also hoping that my country follows you guys in the EU with more charging stations than we have now, not that I'm doing any major trips soon, but still.

@sj For sure the Model 3 is a great car, I've had a few rides in it myself. What bugs me is reading comments and even articles on "reputable" EV sites that seem to bias one way or the other. That's what bugs me more, this bias towards other EV cars.

Whayts with EV cults? Tesla seems to create two extreme camps, the lovers and the haters. I think EVs are great, lots to learn for sure, but great. I'm not a fan of Tesla due to Elon being an ass, but also because the cars all look the same. I'm waiting for an Ioniq 5 to be delivered (being built in March), and I'm giddy. Any other EV fans?

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This is wild. An attacker leveraged Amazon Marketplace to drain $20K out of TOOOL's funds - and Amazon is *not* helping them.

The Open Organisation of Lockpickers is a nonprofit. If you can kick in a few bucks, they do great work: paypal.com/donate/?hosted_butt twitter.com/toool/status/14767

I finished my final report for the year, and I have a few weeks off before my next engagement. I guess this means I should be more social or something now? Whatever, hello Fedi, it's been a while!

It's funny, when I find I have a moment of free time I do a deep dive on frivolous things. Lately it's been wallets. Not a fan of the giant "costanza wallet", but I'm picky with my wallets too. These hardback "minimalist" wallets like the Ridge are just a rip-off. I bought the original HuMn before Ridge became popular, and I hated it. My goto is Big Skinny wallets, but now I'm thinking of going back to a SlimFold. That was my all time fav.

tl;dr - human minds are weird.

My greatest professional achievement 

@TheGibson Nice. Now I've got a new goal to achieve. 🙂

My greatest professional achievement 

@TheGibson Did you call him out for being a useless twit?

End of an era. I just shut down the Purple Squad Security slack instance. Membership had dwindled over the past year, and to be fair I posted there even less than I do here, but still, it saddens me a bit.

I miss podcasting, but when I tried to get back into it, it was sooo draining and time consuming. Maybe I should just ask to be a guest somewhere instead. Gods know I like to talk...

@m4iler same here. Lots of backroom chatter, lots of new work, and hopefully more to share in a few weeks.

@ddench Actually I'm at a crossroads, and in a good way (hence the radio silence). Hopefully more to share in a few weeks.

Hello void, it's been a long minute. WHAT'S NEW WITH YOU?!?!

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