For the love of god either fake your whois records or buy the private registration hosting. Honesty IS NOT the best policy...

I used to keep a Windows 98 rescue disk (3.5") on standby when I used to nuke my MBR due to a failed Slackware upgrade. Yeah...

I haven't touched my VMWare box yet, but that's next on the list. I'm wondering if it's a holy Trinity of Kali, Virtual box, and OSX. But this is the 3rd time since January. Worst part is not knowing why. I don't change anything outside of cloning some tools from GitHub. So far Parrot seems nice. Snappy even.

So after running `apt update ; apt upgrade -y ; apt autoremove -y` on my Kali install on Virtualbox, I have managed to bork my install. I can reach the login prompt, but can't connect. Seems this time it's a disk-space issue (how I ran out of disk space, I have no idea).

Rather than fight with the damn system by booting into a rescue terminal or anything else, I'm just moving to Parrot OS to see what the hype is about.

I'm still standing, just really bad at social media.

On the plus side, I'm done teaching college for the foreseeable future, so now I can focus on other things! But rest first.

Got me some stickers for those who want to share in some EliteSec love!

I fell down the hole of YouTube and started watching some master UK Sudoku players showcase their prowess in new and unique Sudoku challenges. Am I a nerd for absolutely loving it? I honestly don't care, but I'd like to see if my wife is right.

Looks like people want to see some Teraform scripting. Cool. I'll see what I can do this weekend and then put it up on EliteSec's GitHub page.

@yojimbo Yeah, the plan was to setup a Terraform script that would use Salt as a provisioner to install Wireguard plus a Web UI. Sort of a "quick-and-dirty" setup script along the lines of Algo (, but a bit more specific.

I'm a Chef guy by past experience, but Salt interests me, hence the idea of a quick setup mechanism for people wanting a personal VPN for DO, Linode, or AWS.

Sorry all, been a bit heads down. Making good progress on the personal front, but seems I've been getting rusty. So here's a quick poll for you all to help me decide what to work on next:

Projekt:ONI 2 days left! 

Fundraiser has been extended for two more days by popular request(it was like 3 people... back-off)

@arcans Thank you very much for the kind words! Who knows, I may come back eventually. I tend to pick things up after putting them down for a while, but I just needed to focus on different things right now. 🙂

@TheGibson Find safe shelter. Isn't it a bit early in the season for a tornado though? I thought they started around May?

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