Can you help me find someone I used to know? I think they used to hang out on Very cool person, had a name that had triangles in their name like P△G△N or something similar.

We chatted quite a bit they were my masto spirit animal and I think about them often.

Thanks! :heart:

Fair, but I'm looking for a heuristic for a general tech org versus a financial institution or manufacturing.

Question for my peers:

What's a good ratio of security people to the rest of the staff for a company?

@TheGibson Just teasing, but I can definitely see others burning through those hours just the same - all in the name of showing how bad things are. You're one of the good ones.

@m4iler That's awesome! Sounds like you landed in a very good place, or at least a place that takes security seriously. That's a great way to kick start a career in this field. ;-)

@R10T Thanks! I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I finally got around to putting something together. Who knows, it may attract a new audience.

@m4iler Thanks, but the next episode is going to be delayed a bit. A masterpiece needs to be written first. ;-)

@m4iler Thanks. I figured I wasn't doing enough for the community as it is. ;-)

We have been hacked boss.
How could we have stopped this, Bob?
Seen Cyber City.

We'll done! Keep it up, and consider starting a blog to share your experiences and a write-up. It may help later.

@m4iler Nice job! Well done, and congrats on the rush. Now do it again. ;-)

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