@ddench Well, @jerry is an immortal, and I'm just too dumb to die, so we've got that going for us. ;-)

Holy hell these past few weeks have been busy. Looking forward to a break next week.

@pc630d3 I'm glad you enjoyed them! Hopefully a few others will also tickle your fancy. ;-)

Hey fediverse, I’m looking for a #job in IT!
I’ve got six years of experience in the field and I’ve been managing a fairly large homelab for a few years too. I can work with Unix-like systems (both #BSD and #Linux) and networks.
I have decent experience in automation, both by scripting myself and using Ansible, and I can write code as well (mainly Go these days but I can pick up Python again if needed, and I’m not against learning new languages).
I’m looking for an interesting and challenging position in systems and/or networks engineering, or more specific stuff like storage, virtualization or even databases. Pretty much anywhere in the European Union is fine (I’ve got french citizenship), including full remote jobs, and I don’t mind having to travel regularly.
You’ll find my resume here and a bit more on the stuff I do in my homelab here. Boosts appreciated!

@fedilab @r000t I'm not against Fiverr, it's just I'm a bit frustrated with them given how many of them are ripping off from each other.

Hey Fediverse, anyone know of a decent minimalist logo designer? I'm tired of playing roulette on Fiverr and would be willing to pay in and around $200 CAD for a decent design. DM me if you know someone decent with a portfolio I can review.

@R10T It's dead simple actually:

Backlog / Doing / Blocked / Done / <Archived>

That's about it. I set up a Butler task when I had Trello Gold to automatically archive tickets in the Done column every Friday at 11:30pm to make sure the boards stayed "clean". For other projects I would include a "Todo Today" column between Backlog and Doing, and then have limits on how many tickets can be in a board for a given person. I didn't do that this time, but I may do it next time.

@R10T For the conference? No. In other jobs, oh yes. A startup I worked at in the past went through about 2 years worth of failed project management tools before we settled on a simple Kanban/release train model. We did regular 2 week releases, with whatever was completed going on the train. High-priority projects were given due dates and held to them, but for the most part it's what worked best. I just adopted that model for the conference, minus the train.

@jerry At the same time, I'm torn on DoH. On one hand it's nice to protect DNS traffic from snooping by your ISP, but on the other hand the acronym-inception is killing me! Oh, and the fact that my DNS proxies are going to need a complete re-think is bugging me too.

@jerry Hah! I see what you did there.. But you know the only reason vi won was because all the emacs users have RSI now from all those "chords" they liked to type.

@ddench Alcohol is a bit more regulated in my country/province, but I may be able to find something at my local beer/liquor stores...

re: CISSP shit talking 

It is done. was amazing and I still can't believe we did it. Months of planning, many schedules, much support, some speedbumps, but it all worked out well. I have proven my ability to manage a bunch of Type-As and I couldn't be happier. Really it was the speakers and more importantly the attendees who did it for us. We hit 200, but it could have easily been closer to 300. Next year we can and will do better. So proud of everyone involved.

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