Alright, I tried this on Twitter and it failed, so let's see if it works here.

I'm looking for a to help me with EliteSec, specifically around marketing and lead gen. This is my first startup, but I'm not new to the culture, just running it. It's an consultancy but I'll admit that I've been a corporate shill for 20+ years now and I don't want that anymore.

Please boost for exposure.

Incorporation is complete, I can start making noise about

For those who are looking for or just help, make sure to consider us. We're based in Canada, but happy to help whomever we can reach. Many thanks!

Much like Twitter, I have changed my blog's look! Unlike Twitter, I think this one looks better! :-) But seriously, WTF Twitter?! I liked the old web interface a lot more. Oh well, I like the Fediverse much more in general, so they're just helping re-enforce that with me.

Question for my peers:

What's a good ratio of security people to the rest of the staff for a company?

By the gods it happened again! Many thanks to @tinker for joining me for another set of stories! Oh, and I finally got to hear how he managed to get that DC that we were all curious about. ;-)

Good morning world. What questions drive you today? What is the answer you are looking for? Me? I'm brushing up on my offensive fundamentals because I'm feeling unworthy and rusty.

The latest Purple Squad Security podcast episode is here! Chris Foulon joins me for a fireside chat to talk about breaking into .

So I stumbled across a nice site the other day,

I encourage you to check it out, especially if you're looking for a starting place for things like <cough, cough> podcasts!

Oh, Hi Mastadon community! Let's see if I can be more intelligent over here (or at the very least share a bit more)...

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