That feeling when you're checking Google Analytics, seeing people going to your contact page but then stopping, and you realize that your CSP rules are blocking your Javascript from executing so that the form works.

Coincidentally, any CSP experts that can help with an HTML form that uses some JS validation before making a POST request to another service? I really don't like my "hack".

So let me get this straight - Oracle has purchased a minority share in TikTok, which is getting a US entity that contains no real IP and is likely going to be a shell company for Byte Dance to get around Trump's latest blustering?

In other words, a US corp just gave a bunch of money to a Chinese firm for very little in return because Trump wants to look like he's tough on China?

Wow! I was apparently just selected to represent Canada in the AMEA Entrepreneur magazine for their "Upcoming Entrepreneurs to Watch for 2020"! So exciting!

Oh wait, there's a $2,500 fee to cover publishing, editing, and related fees? That and I'm just a consultant trying to make a buck and not a traditional "entrepreneur" that would be featured?

Got me some stickers for those who want to share in some EliteSec love!

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