Hello void, it's been a long minute. WHAT'S NEW WITH YOU?!?!

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@JohnsNotHere incompetence bordering on negligence resulting in "proceedings" ... not sure I understand hashtags yet lol , I mean 😄

@JohnsNotHere how's about you... did you get that extra elitesec contract?

@ddench Actually I'm at a crossroads, and in a good way (hence the radio silence). Hopefully more to share in a few weeks.

@m4iler same here. Lots of backroom chatter, lots of new work, and hopefully more to share in a few weeks.

@JohnsNotHere Good to hear!

(Unless it's way too much work, but I know you, you'll do fine!)

I have nothing much to share, but I may take this evening to toot to my heart's content and get it all off my chest.

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