@JohnsNotHere and for a daily schedule it’s easier to put the walk in the morning, when the risk is lower that some other obligations interfere with the intention to walk. Like this, I was able to do a total of >1.8 million steps since covid-induced working from home. Though later sunrise time starts pushing what I should do when it’s still pitch black at 6am, since I used the walks also for doing some photography. We’ll see


@httpeter That's an impressive total! I was late to the game with getting a FitBit, but I'm happy with my progress thus far (just over 1.1 million steps since March).

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@JohnsNotHere congrats millionaire! There's no "just" here.
In any case impressive how many steps can be done if followed-up every day.
I wonder after how many steps my sneakers will be done ;-)

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