Morning walk versus evening walk? Discuss.

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@JohnsNotHere I find they are good in the evening to serve as a end of the workday

@jerry Yeah, that's my take too. We have a man-made pond nearby, and I honestly find the bugs a bit more tolerable in the morning versus the evening, but I do like the decompression effect it has on me.

@JohnsNotHere Morning runs are great and evening walks as well.

@JohnsNotHere less bugs, flies and mosquitoes are around in the morning, as they don’t like the cold air

@JohnsNotHere and for a daily schedule it’s easier to put the walk in the morning, when the risk is lower that some other obligations interfere with the intention to walk. Like this, I was able to do a total of >1.8 million steps since covid-induced working from home. Though later sunrise time starts pushing what I should do when it’s still pitch black at 6am, since I used the walks also for doing some photography. We’ll see

@httpeter That's an impressive total! I was late to the game with getting a FitBit, but I'm happy with my progress thus far (just over 1.1 million steps since March).

@JohnsNotHere congrats millionaire! There's no "just" here.
In any case impressive how many steps can be done if followed-up every day.
I wonder after how many steps my sneakers will be done ;-)

Morning. That way if you skip it you have the rest of the day to catch up. If you plan it in evening then skip it, you are out of time to catch up.

@Rastal This is an excellent point. Given I've fallen into that trap before (planning for evening and then skipping) I can see that trap.

its too late for a morning walk if you wakeup in the afternoon

@JohnsNotHere If near nightlife, morning walk. Otherwise, evening, to be away from the people who leave work and bring the stress with them.

@JohnsNotHere Evening walk *if* you can walk with someone. Decompress. Talk about the day. Etc.

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