@JohnsNotHere Also actually the first valid suggestion out of the set that they published 🙂

#1,2,3,4 should all be replaced with "Use a password manager". #6 is basically counterproductive unless you use a password manager. #7,8,9 are fine (9 is "use a password manager") and 10 is a bit left-field in the articles context ...

I appreciate the audience is "people who have never even thought about passwords" and for them a password manager is often the thing they play with and then promptly forget the password for ... but all the same ...

@yojimbo This was a new experience for me. I signed up for HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and submitted my input for all 10 a few weeks ago. Just got word that they published one of my ideas today. To be honest, I ignored the others since I'm so vain, but I also appreciate the kind words!

@JohnsNotHere There is a whole sub-speciality in Communications which is "speaking to communicators" :-) and it turns out to be very difficult. Good on you for offering to help out (and on their reporter for actually asking!)

@yojimbo I've been fortunate with my company to get some solid leads through my LinkedIn network, but I'm going to have to branch out eventually. I figure the more eyes I can get my name in front of the better. Some of the requests are very odd and not in my wheelhouse, but I strike when I can. 🙂

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