Good morning world. What questions drive you today? What is the answer you are looking for? Me? I'm brushing up on my offensive fundamentals because I'm feeling unworthy and rusty.

What information does my smartphone share with unknown devices? Can I find out the address, workplace, social contacts with such information?

It is actually the start of a bigger project of mine.

What exactly are you looking up? General pentesting?

@R10T I realized I had purchased the PTP training from eLearnSecurity but I never finished it. Decided to go back and do the training material. Just a nice refresher, especially since some of the CTFs I've been trying out for the past few weeks have been kicking my ass.

@JohnsNotHere wondering why wuauserv is disabled via a GPO registry hack, blocking the update service from running, ever. GPO is applied to all devices but a couple of servers.

@JohnsNotHere my bad, there's a wmi filter. It only applies to our XP clients.


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