Episode 50 – Tabletop D&D with Tim De Block, Ed Rojas, Daniel Ebbutt, and Kyle Andrus

It's that time again!  Yes, another Tabletop D&D episode is upon us!  This time I asked Timothy de Block from the Exploring Information Security podcast to join me, along with a few interesting characters.  Let's just say this particular episode is not for the faint of heart, and w

@JohnsNotHere Really loved the episode! Will you put up, at some point, guides on playing Tabletop D&D?

@turkusec Provided I can find some free time, I do have some plans that may be of interest to the broader community. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the madness though, that was a fun one to put together.

Would love to run the game with our community and rolling on chairs will be a must 😀

@JohnsNotHere just got round to listening, it's a good one, had me laughing out loud in some places! Good work to all involved.

@ddench Glad you enjoyed it, that one was a bit more off-the-rails than usual, but with good reason. 🙂

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