I'm tired. Maybe teaching, working full time, running a podcast, trying to start up a side hustle, studying for some more certs and having two kids is a bit much.

@JohnsNotHere as long as you have superpowers you should be ok :) - maybe carving out a bit of time for your self wouldn't be a bad thing.

@JohnsNotHere my latest child, I call her "little screaming night terrors", has driven me back to drink. 🤣🍻 Running a business is hard work especially at the beginning, and teaching is well known for being a hard profession. I just thought you were a SuperHuman...

@JohnsNotHere godspeed, sir. I hope you are able to make some time for yourself

@JohnsNotHere You can make it! Security and life are both a balancing act.

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