Pst! Do you need CPEs for your CISSP, CISM, CISA, or CEH? Why not check out some free courses on or even better, go listen to some security podcasts like Defensive Security (@jerry), Smashing Security (@gcluley) or even Purple Squad Security (me)! We're all entertaining and informative in our own rights, and you can get 1 CPE per hour. ;-) YMMV, but I'm a fan.

@JohnsNotHere @jerry @gcluley damn, thanks for the tip! getting the ceh is one of my goals for 2019 🎉

I was double checking my own CPEs and realized that not everyone may know this is a viable approach for keeping you current, so why not share it! 😀

@JohnsNotHere @jerry @gcluley Thanks gents... you already have helped me earn 50% of my CPEs. 😀

@JohnsNotHere @jerry @gcluley Wow, did not know that i could earn #CPE this way! How do I claim them if im listening to a #podcast?

@JohnsNotHere @jerry @gcluley If these really count toward CVEs...then I'm covered every year for life!

@JohnsNotHere @jerry @gcluley all very entertaining pod-casters, and I enjoy listening in on the creative and liberating eventful ventures of you!

@JohnsNotHere @jerry @gcluley
I thought this was a trick from the security podcast cartel, but I did a web search and it’s a real thing. Thanks for the info.

Even though I don’t have any infosec certs yet, I need to get in the habit of logging all this stuff a lot more. There’s a lot more stuff you can get CPEs for than I first thought.

@ryen @jerry @gcluley To be fair it is a cartel. A multinational cartel actually, with each of us trying to run our own respective security monopolies in various countries.

@JohnsNotHere @jerry @gcluley
Does the security cartel have any connects in Japan with some entry level/intern positions? This Joey :joey: would be forever grateful for an introduction. Or is this a question that I should wait to ask on the wedding day of someone’s daughter?

@ryen @JohnsNotHere @gcluley think about it this way: the podcast cartel has to much influence on these certification organizations, that they bent to our will and let members use podcasts for CPEs.

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