I'm patiently waiting for my new 3D printer to arrive. I've got a load of accessories for the printer setup, I've got an Arduino to help flash a bootloader and install some new firmware, and now I'm looking for hacker projects to print on it. Aside from adapters for the house (vacuum, etc), what do you all suggest?

I'm looking at the Digispark boards right now, thinking of making my own USB rubber ducky, but I'm curious what others would do.

@JohnsNotHere adapters to hold tablets to the top of game controllers are pretty cool.

@skryking That's a good one. I think my kids may enjoy that. 🙂

@JohnsNotHere I have one I printed to connect my steelseries bluetooth controller to my samsung tab A 8" great.

@0xmrtn I actually have a separate plan for exactly that, consisting of some Raspberry Pi zeros and some alpha antennas...

@JohnsNotHere i see you have a fine taste for projects 👌🏻

@0xmrtn :-) I have a love for defensive techniques that don't cost an arm an a leg. If things work out, I may open source things later in the year, depends on how much time I get.


I print cases and mounts to contain kali rpis for installation and tactical use for pentesting.

I keep a black roll of PLA just for this.

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