Sigh. For all of those who raised concerns about the @tinker interview having too loud music to hear the discussion I have taken that one down and replaced it with a non-music version. Please share and re-listen! :-) Thanks everyone, and sorry for the mistake!

@JohnsNotHere @tinker hey guys, that was a pretty awesome episode, regardless of the music. Finished listening yesterday. I get more out of your real word stories than any other medium, excellent show.

@ddench Thanks! I've uploaded a new version today that scrapped the music in case you wanted to get a "cleaner" listen. 🙂

@JohnsNotHere aww shucks, you shouldn't have!

The music would have worked if it was quieter, y'know. Looking forward to the next instalment (and your next tabletop DnD - they really are superb listening!!)

@JohnsNotHere @tinker people get mad when their free content isn’t just so 😂

@jerry @tinker I bet if it was some heavy metal then nobody would have complained.

@JohnsNotHere @jerry @tinker My issue with it was the repetition. Other than that, since it was literally the first podcast from PSS I listened to, I thought "ayyyy, this guy wants Tinker's story to be epic!"

I enjoyed it thoroughly. Also,

NOTE: Tinker's story doesn't need music, it has a soundtrack in and of itself.

pic related, mfw podcast tiem

@m4iler LOL, Trunk Monkey was one of my favourite stories. I'm happy you enjoyed it and I'm happy that you are listing to a few of my other humble stories/interviews. 🙂

@JohnsNotHere @tinker

Thank you for providing an alternative version. I have a hard time with things like that where my attention is split and trying to muscle through it was hard for me.

Superb episode and look forward to next time Tinker comes back to continue regaling us with his tales.

@jeff @tinker Next one will be Tinker After Dark - Tinker Unleashed on the Chinese . 😂

@JohnsNotHere @tinker new listener to the show, so I thought maybe you did it to keep the feds from listening in.
But I'm definitely going to give it a relisten!

@JohnsNotHere @tinker this was my introduction to your podcast, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to you both, it was really interesting and gave me some stuff to think about. Subscribed

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