@JohnsNotHere Hey, first time listening to the podcast.

May I share my feedback? - Why do you play music when someone is speaking? - It is so interesting but still so hard to understand as this music has been playing for the whole time. Besides this it was the same sample over and over again.

Apart from that it was a great podcast.

@R10T This was an idea I had for this particular episode, and unfortunately the first upload didn't have the levels right. It was intended to be a background track to add a little extra to the story. Normally I don't add music to my interviews, so my apologies for the excessive volume. Thanks for the feedback!

@JohnsNotHere Yeah, the volume is the problem here.

Anyway, thanks for the great episode. I surely will check out the older episode over time :-)

@JohnsNotHere @R10T yup, listening now and having the same issue. Even lower levels may be very distracting for me while listening to interviews.

@crazypedia @R10T Noted, thanks all. I'll be sure to skip out for future chats. Normally I don't do this, but I thought an interview with Tinker demanded an epic soundtrack for his story. At least that's what I imagine when I read his stories. 🙂

@JohnsNotHere oh yes, his stories are quite epic and I enjoyed the podcast 😁 thank you for producing that!

@JohnsNotHere @tinker Finally got around to listening to this. Great interview and great story .. Thanks

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