@jerry Yep. Guess we'll have to find something else to deal with malware outbreaks on family computers...

@JohnsNotHere @jerry Oh boy,


This organisation provisions tech solutions for pretty much every (public) Primary and many Secondary schools in London. Bother.

@JohnsNotHere I’d recommend not making too much of a drastic change. The top and bottom spots can swing dramatically from report to report.

I actually use bitdefender for family and friends. Seems to be good for most.

@JohnsNotHere @jerry
The tests of AV-Test are quite ridiculous to me. Symantec and almost all others (except Traps which is specialized in such things....) with 100% recognition of 0 days... WTF??? 🤔🤮

Good point. Without knowing the specifics of the tests, it's hard to judge their value. I just know that Mlawarebytes is a common butt of many an infosec professionals jokes.

@winschdi @JohnsNotHere yeah. Malwarebytes wrote a blog post about this. Apparently this is their first time through, and they’re (as far as i can tell) not paying to see what they missed. blog.malwarebytes.com/malwareb

Thanks @jerry, I didn't know that. It also raises my suspicion of the overall process. Smells a bit of extortion if the vendors didn't sign up for this and have to pay to get their results.


@JohnsNotHere @winschdi yeah, I worked for a company that had to contend with that. These testing companies can be a bit of a racket.

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