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Incorporation is complete, I can start making noise about

For those who are looking for or just help, make sure to consider us. We're based in Canada, but happy to help whomever we can reach. Many thanks!

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For those who are in and around Waterloo, Ontario (in Canada), we have our CFP live! Even if you're not, feel free to look, we're just not offering travel assistance in our first year.

Two tracks, one business and one technical. If you're interested in speaking, take a look:


Tickets will be available soon for those interested in coming without speaking.

Made it through the Christkindlmarket market today. Lots of vendors, some amazing food too. It's always important to get exposure to other cultures - it helps broaden your horizons.

Alright, I tried this on Twitter and it failed, so let's see if it works here.

I'm looking for a to help me with EliteSec, specifically around marketing and lead gen. This is my first startup, but I'm not new to the culture, just running it. It's an consultancy but I'll admit that I've been a corporate shill for 20+ years now and I don't want that anymore.

Please boost for exposure.

Hello Mastodon! For anyone who is interested in working on this year but doesn't want to go at it alone, I have an offer! Purple Squad Security is building up a team again to tackle the challenge this year, and the doors are open!

Sign up for our community and we'll add you to the list.

The term “troll” down plays what they truly are. Hostile forces.

Some kind of ice storm today. I'm going to curl up in a dark room for the rest of the day as I wait for the Tylenol to kick in. Don't burn the place down while I'm gone.

arnold schwarzenegger became a naturalized US citizen in 1983, around the same time that he started filming the first terminator film. in other words...

he terminated and stayed resident

[personal rant] 

[personal rant] 

[personal rant] 

[personal rant] 

[personal rant] 

[personal rant] 

[personal rant] 

Happy 🦃 day to my US friends! May your belly's be full and your political opinions be sharp and well thought out!

Good luck to my cool podcast partner-in-crime Carole Theriault who is appearing at the LastPass event up in Manchester with Jessica Barker this evening.

I gave her a call earlier today to see if she was prepared and had finished packing her suitcase...

Listen to a 20 min segment of our podcast - about the 2014 Sony Pictures hack - in all good podcast apps: or join us on Patreon for the bonus episode in its entirety.

I feel reminding people of the magic of patching may be of interest. I might start there.

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