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Because homoeopathy deliberately put them self into the same category as natural remedies but are taking them down with them selves

ADHD adhs psych 

German below
Hey /#adhdbubble

Has someone sources if it still is state of the art to do the "can you live without it" test for ?

Hey /#adhsbubble,

Ist es wirklich noch aktuell in der Behandlung eine Phase ohne Medikamente zu erstreben ?

The desktop loads as in you login?

Or as in you show the desktop?

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I can live with that

But top degree would suggest something different^^

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Ok, so I see master/slave is a bad wording, but how about mastery and uses of master stemming from that?

Also what about the master degree or the german "Meister" title

work anywhere else

It just sucks RN, the professors being assholes etc.
I already did that, but in a way, where I did not expose my self to *unreasonable* harm, because I am the oldest by far and I see the others in my course as children that need protection; this is another point, why me speaking up at the wrong point, might destroy their chances on a degree ... @yojimbo - 2/2


I am as of yet at a point where I might be able to take it for a while; the moment I am out of there I will write a loooooong comment/reader letter to the local press at least
And I do have a few more things I can legally do, but most of them will leave scorched earth...

My employer is a good one mostly, just the university for the dual systems sucks. There is the rumour the only people that are willing to work there would not be able to - 1/2

Yep, but my current contract is bound to my Immatrikulation at that university...

CN rant

I am caught between a rock and a hard place:

Do I fight the professor and risk the whole course getting a harder exam


Do I let them continue to kick us around?


5 Minutes?

That's the time it takes for the kubernetes cluster running the containers with WordPress and the database to spin up alone :P

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Somewhere in your Python project is this one function or variable and you cannot find it, but you know it must be there?
Just use Ctrl + Shift+ F to find all usages in a project/module/path!


Add an external antenna and it sounds perfect for field day contests

Or just check if you aren't doing this to your self

Are you gathering via Prometheus?
If so just set your own gather Intervalls to 7minutes to see if it changes the peaks distance

Or check which Intervalls any internals tools use and set them off by +-1-2 minutes to see, if it makes a change

If you still have high peaks you can then see which program is responsible


*Magic hand waving*

Multiple crond instances

*Magic hand wave end*



Oh damn I really should take care of my little Suzi again too

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Also ja, bevor du den pull request machen kannst, musst /solltest du mit den Änderungen fertig sein

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