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He hid his diaries. When one was full or weighted with secrets, he wrapped it in oil cloth, sealed it with tar, and took a hike up the mountain.
He never felt safe, not even in death. His shade lingered. Centuries passed before he began to fade.
Then the glacier started to melt.

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It’s been like three months since my last round of death threats from creepazoid white nationalists, I’m not putting my passport information on fucking twitter dot com. 🙄

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A non-exhaustive list of people who stand to be harmed by policies like this:
- intimate partner violence survivors
- trans people
- political activists
- sex workers especially, but really anyone with a personal life they compartmentalize from their job
- people with no passport

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That's the same idea as the German

It won't work, because it is not even working for @facebookapp@twitter.com. People there are saying faschist or Nazi or just plain forbidden things without hesitation still

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Here’s an idea @Twitter@twitter.com, get everyone to register their passport details with you in order to keep their account. Make them have their own name on it. Their own picture too. Make everyone accountable. If they refuse, delete them. Society has to much better than it is.

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This is a fucking terrible idea that would endanger (and silence) a lot of extremely vulnerable people, all of whom deserve to have a voice and the opportunity to speak for themselves.

This idea is *trash*. twitter.com/mrandrewdickson/st

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A software piracy warning from the from the European Leisure Software Publishers Association (1990)

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I wonder, @CommitStrip@twitter.com, if the GUIs are for noops ASCII art is available and free for use

I do have a few MOTDs I would love to use that for

So another question for the and community:

When managing a few similar groups of devices/systems, would you set defaults as a role for the top-level group or make the role depend on the defaults?

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"Wait," said the boy,
His grandfather looked up from the book. "Yes?"
"Is this one of those stories that ends with a swordfight? Or does it end with kissing?"
"Are you sure you want to know?"
The boy nodded solemnly.
"The ending of this story has both."
"Those are the best!"

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Für die Bike Night am 20. Mai, zusammen mit dem ADFC: Workshops zum Fahrrad selber illuminieren. Anzahl der kostenlosen Bausätze ist begrenzt, deshalb schnell für einen der Termine anmelden un-hack-bar.de/2020/02/05/bunt

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Since it’s almost “ay girl I like your tats” season, quick reminder that physically touching my tattoos without asking may result in physical injury.

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And that's why I use per account keys

Still I should burn some old ones!


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whoami.filippo.io, the SSH server that knows who you are, got some newly refreshed intel! Try it out!

$ ssh whoami.filippo.io

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Dear Oracle VP:

Oracle manages the world's most popular open source database called MySQL. Attacking open-source won't help. Ask Microsoft. They tried & failed severely and now in bed with Linux. Let customers decided what they want, PGSQL/MariaDB/MySQL or closed source Oracle. twitter.com/matthewokeefe1/sta

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Because they are very smart, confident, crafty and nice WITCHES!!! Inspiration @wayward710@twitter.com who is all of these adjectives but not the noun! Kk, to prevent unnecessary replies, the noun was "witches". Ugh. twitter.com/securitybrew/statu

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having an abusive inner monologue is not love.

and that's the first thing we need to work on 🖤

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if they don't respect your boundaries, that's not love.

i have learned that there are few things more painful than realizing that though someone WANTS to love you, they don't.

you can't force someone to love you more than their addictions.

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