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Für die Stadt @Comic_Salon_ER@twitter.com habe ich vor drei Jahren mal ein paar Strips zum Thema "Rassismus im Alltag" gezeichnet. Den hier mag ich besonders.

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Bunch of developers making changes in live production boxes. What could possibly go wrong?

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Upon popular demand, @gabsmashh@twitter.com and I are finally sharing our secret to fame and glory!

So you want to be well-known and respected in infosec? Easy!

1. Be an “attractive-looking woman”
2. Bamboozle men with selfies
3. Most importantly: make-up, CONTOUR!

Here is a tutorial:

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This is an interesting and saddening experiment and thread by @grhmc@twitter.com and @IanColdwater@twitter.com

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About 2 weeks ago, @IanColdwater@twitter.com assigned me a lady avatar to get the "full effect" of being a woman on Twitter. Here are some things I learned.

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When I was 14, I went to the 1st in D.C. In those days, it was all about pollution. Today, it’s climate change - and the pandemic. Every astronaut, cosmonaut & taikonaut comes down & reminds us we are all citizens of one world, one planet. It’s up to us to preserve it!

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I just love how people reclaim all the shit Nazis want to use!

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In light of recent Viking discourse courtesy of Gamers being mad at vidja games having women, I have some important messages

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A lovely thread on squid science and stuff to do in the Corona crisis

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Day forty-whatever of shelter-in-place, I finally got my act together to share squid science with the neighborhood! From each according to her ability . . .

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>Auto Museum 64 (@hell0jed@twitter.com)
>"a virtual museum featuring cars, boats, and other vehicles from 20 racing games in the Nintendo 64 library." 🏎️🚤
>Free - Windows, Mac, Linux: warpdoor.com/2020/04/30/auto-m

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