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A software piracy warning from the from the European Leisure Software Publishers Association (1990)

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And that's why I use per account keys

Still I should burn some old ones!


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whoami.filippo.io, the SSH server that knows who you are, got some newly refreshed intel! Try it out!

$ ssh whoami.filippo.io

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Because they are very smart, confident, crafty and nice WITCHES!!! Inspiration @wayward710@twitter.com who is all of these adjectives but not the noun! Kk, to prevent unnecessary replies, the noun was "witches". Ugh. twitter.com/securitybrew/statu

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Friends, in honor of Valentine’s Day, all things love, and… scams – I wanted to share some tips with yall on how to watch out for scammers when searching for love online.

Please feel free to share with your besties, Facebook friends from highschool, and even your mom.

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Arguably, reality is cuter. It's awkward, confused, socially inept, a bit of a belly, cute as hell, meh describes most of us? twitter.com/securitybrew/statu

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Those poor servers in the data center. They never get holidays and works 24x7. A friendly reminder to make sure your Linux/*BSD or Unix servers aren’t down. Tell your servers how much you love and care on this Credit raphcomic.com/comics/encourage

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d=$(date +%Y); convert -size 420x240 xc:white -font AvantGarde-Book -fill black -gravity east -pointsize 200 -annotate 0 ${d:0:2} -flop -annotate 0 ${d:2:4} -draw 'circle 69,69 79,69' -draw 'circle 350,69 360,69' -fill red -fuzz 50% -draw "color 210,100 floodfill" show:

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I do sometimes! ^^

But pink on black with green or bright blue highlights is lovely :)

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"What, not everyone uses a pink terminal?" -- @maddiestone@twitter.com

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β€œExcept in pregnancy tests” - @jlillss@twitter.com (look at swag sticker)

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gti get jeep/car when you mistype git

ζ―”θ΅· lsοΌŒι€™ε€‹ζ‰‹ι †ζ‡‰θ©²ζ―”θΌƒι›£ζ‰“ιŒ―ε•¦ XDD

$gti push
$gti pull
$gti clone xxxxx

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After careful testing, we powered up the digital clock from a Soyuz space flight and it worked fine. Moscow time on top, stopwatch at the bottom. Surprisingly complex inside, over 100 Soviet flat-pack ICs and a switching power supply.

Earlier post: righto.com/2020/01/inside-digi

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2 weeks into our awareness month campaign, and it’s going swimmingly!! Here’s all of our infographics thus far, to help you get yourself and your friends and lovers secure!!

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