How do you introduce yourself to people in a con/ environment?

Just your clear name, Just your handle or both?

Please RT for reach

@ITsecJ “Hi I’m Jerry Bell”
“You know, @maliciouslink on twitter”
“The security llama guy”
“Ohhhh yeah, now I remember”

@ITsecJ Depends on the context; if we're talking in a personal context it'll probably be a handle, if it looks like a business-context conversation it'll be my name; by being physically present in public I have to accept the cross-association of identities.

@ITsecJ Just use your ham radio call sign. Make them have to use an FCC database to find your real name!

@ITsecJ depends. Am I there as a professional, trying to make contacts outside of the "hacker" subset of the industry? I use the name on my business cards (which for me is my given name)

Am I there to engage the hacker community, play the CTF, etc? Handle

When it's both, that's a challenge: I try to keep only loose binding between those two identities (you can figure out one from the other, but it's not something I advertise)


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