What are your thoughts on those "crowd sourced" block lists like ? Is this good, bad, ugly?
Or is this like a fediverse instance blocking another?

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@ITsecJ Governance problems. It is curated by a single individual, probably from their sofa in their basement. Same issue than with DNS blacklists.
Other than that, if you are comfortable with the way they are curated, why not :)

I usually will be on the other side of the list and it's really weird, to be excluded from conversations with random people without knowing why

@ITsecJ It's filter-bubble. Human-curated filter-bubble instead of algorithmic filter-bubble. They would not read you anyway if GAFAM/BATX were in control. So no worries. Just forget about them 😉

@ITsecJ good in principle, extremely difficult to execute well. If people make an eyes-open decision to use them (i.e. they understand the tradeoffs they're making), then I don't think there's a problem

Whether they're a good trade is personal based on what you want from the platform and what problems you're facing achieving your goal; people harassed a lot don't have a lot of better options to keep the platform useable for them, for example

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