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The governor of New Jersey just put out the call on live TV that he is desperate for Cobol programmers right now.

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The dumbest date bug I’ve seen was not y2k but rather the 111111 bug. Some idiot chose to use that as infinity in the 80s in a critical database at my old employer. I figured out the problem like 2 days before. We were completely down for two days and half the systems took weeks

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@vieuxrenard@twitter.com @philipbanse@twitter.com Hervorragende @LageNation@twitter.com, finde euer Abwägen zwischen Epidemiologie, Ökonomie und Freiheitsrechten klasse. Bin nur nicht so begeistert wie ihr, dass es Tomas Pueyo in das BMI-Papier geschafft hat. Warum, steht hier: twitter.com/c_endt/status/1243

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Joa, damit sind sämtliche dieser Apps auf meiner Blacklist gelandet, also @katwarn_de@twitter.com, die NINA App, die ...

Alles nicht mehr vertrauenswürdig aus meiner Sicht

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Der CDU-@Wirtschaftsrat@twitter.com hält freiwillige -App für unzureichend, berichtet @FAZ_Wirtschaft@twitter.com.
Er fordert, Datenquellen auch ohne Einwilligung auszuwerten und schlägt Pflichtnutzung der -Katastrophen-App des @BBK_Bund@twitter.com vor:

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Jetzt Mal Butter bei die Fisch:

Weiss jemand, wo ich den Känguru Film von @realMarcUwe@twitter.com kaufen kann, sodass ich kein fürchterliches DRM brauche (mein Standard Rechner kann das nicht)

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People of a certain age who have a pile of ancient cables in their house they keep moving with: today the day actually came when my daughter needed a specific ancient charger end to charge her graphing calculator and WE HAD ONE IN THE CABLE PILE

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Okay, okay, okay. So I was passed a fun game to pass the time. It doesn't require any personal info - you can use your handle.

Search [your name + apocalypse costume] on your favorite image search. Share the result! :)

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Well I do get random mails and stopped caring about it @jerry (someone keeps using an address at my domain, which falls into the catchall)

He probably has the wrong domain (one instead of com)...

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Es braucht rechtl. Grundlagen & eine informierte Öffentlichkeit: Aus Bewegungsprofilen ablesen, „wer wen ansteckt, das ist eine vollkommene Illusion“ deutschlandfunkkultur.de/coron

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@MalwareJake@twitter.com In our org, we’re sending out communication with real covid19 phishing emails (sanitized) attached and telling people this is what they look like.

Running a REAL phishing campaign is probably not a good idea unless specifically requested.

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Yes, now is probably not the correct time.

If you are really interested in doing something like this, join @cadus_org@twitter.com or similar projects after the crisis

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please, tech people. PLEASE. if you dont have a background working in healthcare/medicine, stop the hackathons and just give money.

the potential to do harm is too high, and designing for medicine is a thing. health communication/tooling is a specialty, not a weekend project.

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Just did some on my "favourite" professor; he is on here...

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Bis auf Weiteres haben Mitglieder der @goetheuni@twitter.com auch von außerhalb des Campus Zugang zu den Inhalten von Beck-online! Was Sie dafür genau machen müssen: ub.uni-frankfurt.de/online/bec /schne

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I can't believe people still believe in conspiracy theories when
- Disney Parks have been shut down for days
- Nobody can go watch movies
- There are no cruises
- Disney has not pulled the cure out of their magical cryogenic vault.

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