For my fellow migraine sufferers:

Got reminded of this recently, so here's to hoping my self experimentation on migraine prevention can help others as well.

This will be a thread, so strap in!

I take a couple of supplements that have worked well for me. The first is magnesium, which I would take regardless of the migraine prevention angle, as most of us are deficient and don't realize it. For magnesium, you want the chelated stuff that's actually absorbable. Anything labeled with a TRAACS seal is going to be what you want. Check out studies on soil magnesium levels if you want to dig deeper on the nutritional angle.

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The second supplement I use for prevention is going to depend on whether Imitrex/Sumatriptan works for you to stop a migraine after it's started. It also will depend on if you're taking an SSRI or similar, so check with your doc if you're taking something like that. I'm a health hobbyist, not a doctor.

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Imitrex is a serotonin agonist, so it prompts the release and uptake of serotonin, which constricts the blood vessels and counteracts the vessel dilation that causes migraines. As such, I figured a little supplementation of 5-HTP would help me. 5-HTP is about as close as you can get to supplementing serotonin, as it's a precursor our bodies use to make their own.

Hope this helps others out there!

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Nope, SSRIs have warnings to not take serotonin precursors with them, so that's not a good idea

@Ent yeah but if you're literally trying to get those numbers up....

but then again I gotta take two of those *and* the 5-htp just to get to normal :(

🙁 I'm not on any prescription meds, so I have more leeway than others. I also take a low 5-HTP dose. Usually only 50mg,100mg max

If you're getting tests done and that's what you need to do to get normal levels, that's a different story. If I went on the same regimen you mentioned, it would affect me far differently

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