How to Increase YouTube View Counts
1) Determine what phrases you must say to a voice assistant to reliably pull up *your* video
2) Donate to a streamer with 10k+ viewers, and has a text-to-speech donation system
3) Viewers home assistants all fetch and play the video

I'll hand it to Epic, the incentive of regular free games is a great way to get people to use your client and open it regularly. No clue whether I'll even get close to playing through all the games I've gotten from them for free (only really borderlands and GTA5 so far on my end), but I've already gotten a ton of value from the freebies they've put out this year so far.

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big congrats to canada for taking control of the upper peninsula of michigan without bloodshed.

Just saw @dildog on birdsite bring up a negative leap second(which we have this year) being used for a replay attack on crypto currencies... and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

1995: "The internet sees censorship as damage, and routes around it."

2020: "One shitty company had a bad day, now nothing on the internet works."

Ah, progress.

There's something appropriate about releasing an expansion with an icy moon and new ice powers just before winter sets in

FUN FACT! Getting gas at one of those pumps with a goddamn TV in it? On almost all of these pumps, the circled button mutes the sound. At least you don’t have to listen to that crap.

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Friendly reminder:

The US has never been a democracy, it's a republic.

Assuming any issues of recounts and the like are resolved by December 14, when Electoral College voting finishes, only then will it be possible to say which old geezer won the presidential race (at the earliest). Any claims otherwise are based on assumptions about the end result.

TIL that you can (affordably) buy a usable #Klein bottle pitcher, for those nerds that think a #Pythagorean cup is too juvenile.

I would use it for lemonade 🍋

here i am looking up help with docker swarm and i get recommendations for workplace violence

One time I escaped a jail by bribing one of the guards with a rare copy of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"

It was a prism break.

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