Doctor: Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news?
Patient: Good news please.
Doctor: we're naming a disease after you.

Probably not the first one, but I'm 100% sure it will not be the last time some company will leak biometric data

What's a man to do when the maker sends a tracking number, but forgets sending the name or link to the courier? Well, since I know it's coming from Austria, I went and plugged the tracking number into different Austrian courier sites until I got it 😎

Got word back that my new ocarina has been dropped off to ship! Looking forward to seeing how this feels to play.

Since I know the news that #Facebook planned to backdoor #WhatsApp got a fair bit of traction on Fedi (I think I shared some related links), it's worth pointing out this retraction from Bruce Schneier:

Of course, level-headed retractions never get as many boosts as prejudice-reinforcing security panics... but for those of you who care, there it is.

Anyone else planning on going to the Orange County OWASP meetup where Steve Gibson is presenting his authentication protocol, SQRL? Should be a fun time.

These phones cost $50 in China and are total fakes. But also total fakes preloaded with malware. The iPhone is especially remarkable, just from the highly modified version of Android it's running. Credit to Afilias for showing these off.

Still going to be a long while before I'm remotely this fast on my own ocarina, but makes for some awesome musical inspiration all the same

The most pure Dad thing I've ever seen. (Could be Mom too, but it's Dad this time around.)

Mastodon commies be like "Smash the capitalist pigs" and then "comissions open, 30$ a picture!"

Not trying to start a formatting holy war, genuinely curious of people's thoughts. Picked up the habit of using inline conditionals in code when it's one line and short enough to be readable.

If(thing) doOtherThing()

If(thing) {
} else {...

I never put logic on a new line without braces (who remembers goto fail?), just find it more convenient to use the first case when the conditional and logic are short enough that this doesn't sacrifice readability.

@Ent Oh my, I feel really flattered.

This place is only great for its people, I can strongly recommend looking around. Also, you must follow @jerry because that's the law, as far as I know :-D

Glad to have you here :-)

Hello world!

Decided to make an account over here since @m4iler is a cool guy, and any place that he's able to enjoy his quirky self from blog posting to shitposting seems like it's going to be a fun corner of the Net.

I'm a programmer by trade, ocarinist by hobby, and have a multitude of other interests, so looking forward to future conversations with you all.

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