technocrats and politicians are terrorforming the social landscape

John McAfee is the man who made the world his oyster.

Taking notes from his life:

1) be polite
2) be efficient
3) have a plan to ruin everyone you meet.

Oh wait, that's TF2 sniper. But I guess having insurance against the elites gives you a LOT of wiggle room.

re: Rant 

This leaves out another educational moment: facts lie and are not the entirety of human understanding.

An argument can be made of entirely true facts and yet the conclusion be entire wrong.

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Should not have watch the Fact Checking video since Fact checking is one of those topics that sets me off.

Fact checking a photoshop of a shark? Sure.

But almost nothing that a politician mutters is a fact.

These attempts at reducing epistemology to a binary statement ignores a) the massive complexity in producing any proof (We cannot reduce why _Rome_ fell to a simple statement in a newspaper article) and b) continues to teach the general public an overconfidence in our ability _to know_, instead of educating them on the very real limitations on our ability to grasp at reality. is just a short summary of our attempts to ascertain what a fact is and whether it can be known. And this is just including analytical and empirical thinkers. If we opened the gates wide all kinds of complexity ensues.

I wish that I had some actual articles in the field of philosophy to back to, I must rely on the social sciences. The last time I was feeling grumpy on this, I came across this back-and-forth on the matter:

The first one has Joe Uscinksi's data, but the last one summarizes things well. Fact checkers often make statements about 1) causality and 2) the future, neither of which is a fact.

We would be better off educating people to realize that politicians are not making statements of fact at all. They are simply making rhetorical flourishes. Much of which appears to be a facts are nothing of the sort. -- politicians aren't in this for truth seeking, and journalists can't discern truth.

Saw something about Nintendo assembler source code in one of my other feeds, and now I know roughly where said source came from. Wouldn't be surprised if there's eventually some new interesting info that hasn't already been revealed by reverse engineers.

If you think those pre-installed apps on your #Android device would stay dormant if you'd never touch them, you're in for a surprise: run "adb shell dumpsys batterystats > battstats", open that file, read it bottom up.

I had a test device lying on my desk for a day. Just connected via USB for testing #Adebar. No other use. Still: Google Photos had been running for 2h+, Contacts 3h+, Youtube 11.5h, Messenging 2.5h+, …

I wonder what they were doing WITHOUT THE USER. Especially YT and G Photos.

We win by recognizing that we are many, and mighty.

We win by building small communities that watch out for one another... even if they are online.

When you are not alone, we are not alone.

I was trying to publish the #Peertube app on Google Play. I will give up because they refused it twice.
First time, I didn't add the report feature (that's now OK). Second time, they found a video thanks to the public search feature...
But it should be available soon on #FDroid

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