some of you may know, some not, but telecom techs are working around the clock to ensure capacity and smooth operations...

interesting times behind the scene....

It's bandcamp day, so get out there and support an artist. I've slashed my expenses but Imma pick one artist today and give a little support.

There's still panic buying from what I've seen, but it looks like it's mostly isolated to the mornings when stores restock shelves. Wife hit the local supermarket Tuesday and there was nearly no line. Most fresh produce and other products not obviously long in shelf life are stocked as normal on the shelves.

I see some talk of , so here's mine. It's more cluttered than I'd like, but that'll be easier to fix after the $employer remote work policy due to COVID-19 ends. Monitors and keyboard are currently pulling double duty switching between the work machine and my gaming rig, so cable switching is annoying, but not terrible.

Work+. Training+. Covid-19. 

Masto idea: ability to add a short comment why you blocked/muted someone for later reference so you can review later and re-evaluate.

Ancillary: timed mutes/blocks

"The [death] rate for this year’s seasonal flu is 10% if you use known cases and known deaths... according to CDC numbers, in the US in the 2019-2020 flu season, there were 222,552 confirmed cases of the flu from testing and an estimated 36 million flu cases in the United States. There were 22,000 estimated deaths from the flu (via the CDC)."


For anyone worrying over the COVID-19 virus itself, this should generally help set people at ease. The estimated death rate for seasonal flu is about 0.1%.


With all the talk of hand washing and avoiding face touching, this is a great illustration of how easily something like a cold can spread, thanks to an old Mythbusters episode.

I am so platform agnostic as to find the sidetaking on things a little silly.

Linux is good
Windows is good
OSX is good
Mainframes are good

I mean right tool for the right job.

Please use Firefox, if for no other reason than to keep the browser landscape diverse and alive.

rogrammers are hackers too.

(this was an off-by-one joke)

Very cool!

DuckDuckGo just shared a data set of 5,326 domains used by 1,727 companies that track your behavior online.

The data is publicly available and automatically generated and maintained through continuous crawling and analysis.


Foldit Lab Report #6: Coronavirus puzzle

Solving ACTUAL REAL WORLD problems with video games.

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