:drake_dislike: make friends to add to your phonebook
:drake_like: download the fb database and text celebrities out of the blue

@toiletpaper @mystik @Xalef I’m so sick of this “If we just locked down harder” if we “masked harder” .. the masks have literally done nothing. The recent Dutch study shows the change infection rates between masked and unmasked communities is statically insignificant. The CDC’s own research says the same thing although they’ve tried to spin it to say otherwise. Studies from 2015 states that cloth masks wouldn’t help at all in an outbreak of a respiratory infection like flu or sars1.

Not to mention the vast over counting of deaths for CoV2 (and yet we’re not using the same techniques to count deaths from vaccines. Gunshot wound + Death +COIVD = COVID. Vaccine + Death = unrelated).

I also want to say, I fucking called this over a year ago:


I though in a year I’d be writing about that silly COVID experience last March/April. I never expected it to last past May. Fuck all of our insane authoritarian governments. I’m just glad I had the means to move away from the worst of it to a region that’s free.

"we're a new online publication about an open and free Internet!"

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Recently I resurfaced my cast iron skillet so the cook surface would actually be smooth, and after 4 trips through the oven baking on thin layers of grape seed oil, I figured it would be a good idea to cook up some bacon on it. Evidently, the oil did not polymerize onto the surface like I'd hoped, as the bottom cook surface was bare iron after. At this point, I'm just going to cook on it and let it develop seasoning naturally.

people who complain for literally any reason when you boost their posts are super lame

demon-haunted world read through 15 

oh those silly anarchists!

cc'ing the oldheads: @djsundog @thegibson

Oh, so you're a garbage collector? Enumerate every object.

its fucked up nowadays, you cant just make a thing. you have to make a running series of that thing, which goes on forever, and has a patreon, a mailing list, a discord channel, an official wiki, a fan wiki, a prima strategy guide, its own cryptocurrency, flag, national anthem, nuclear deterrent, etc



JavaScript and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Michael Crichton's answer to the proverbial 97% of scientists and the climate scam:

[ In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus. There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period. ]


DO NOT USE eval()
DO NOT USE exec()

For the use case mentioned here ("you don't know what the variable name could be"/"you need to dynamically change the name) use getattr() instead.

DO NOT USE eval()
DO NOT USE exec()

If you use eval() and/or exec() in your code, you are literally begging your application to get hacked. You've taken out a billboard saying "please RCE my face"

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